Vedic Astrology – Post Eclipse Sun / Saturn Opposition – All You Need is Love ~ Sam Geppi

On May 10, 2014 the Sun and Saturn will be in an exact opposition. Between now and then we will feel the convergence of these two forces.

Vedic Astrology – Post Eclipse Sun / Saturn Opposition – VIDEO

As I’ve been discussing lately, both Saturn and the sun are exalted. Also, both have recently been eclipsed, so the energy is even more intense.

Saturn Aspect
Any Saturn aspect brings an awareness of limitations, relative to the aspected planet. These momentary limitations exist within the largest limitation of them all: time. Saturn is the planet of time, and more specifically, the consequences of time. We have all learned valuable lessons based on experience, at least let’s hope we have learned valuable lessons. Time/life lessons make us humble, at least they should. If not, they can make us bitter and resentful or perhaps gun-shy, afraid to make a mistake, follow our heart and look foolish. These are all possibilities, especially as it relates to the Saturn/Sun aspect.

The Sun
The sun is the part of us that wants to shine brightly with the souls purpose and true nature. But because we forget our true nature as spirit, we look to be illuminated from the outside world, rather than project our light from within. When we forget the sun, we had actually forgotten our heart, that reservoir of un-ending love within. We sacrifice that for the “worldly sun” – that gets by through our wavering confidence, which is always based on our past victories. The real growth of the “inner sun” exists beyond our comfort zone. It is an expression of a higher vision that we must serve, that vision emanates from the heart. It is pure courage, pure love, like the love of a mother or father for their child.

Sun/Saturn Aspect
The sun/Saturn aspect is can unite the authentic lessons of the past, and a greater humility, with the souls purpose and our vision of the future. In the highest sense, our spiritual practices may re-emerge as we make a commitment (Saturn) to awakening the true self (Sun). Working through our painful complexes and past mistakes and forgiving those who have hurt us, is necessary if we are going to grow into that full light that casts no shadow.

Eclipse Connection
This is the highest promise of our most recent eclipse cycle, with these two exalted planets in opposition. For the next several days you have a great opportunity to experience both of these energies in their full glory, without the intensity and distraction of the eclipse energy.

Sleep, Digestion, Vitality, Dehydration
If you have noticed some interrupted sleep, some gas, constipation, fatigue, these are physical manifestations of the Saturn/sun aspect. Again, it shows the physical vitality held back and limited. This forces us to slow down (Saturn) and be more mindful of the source of our power (the sun).

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