Dreamed Up Reality: Diving into the Mind to Uncover the Astonishing Hidden Tale of Nature by Bernardo Kastrup (Author)

A strong and growing intuition in society today is the idea that our thoughts create our own reality. Yet it seems obvious that, try as we might, our lives are not quite what we fantasize. Is the intuition thus wrong? Through a rational, methodic interpretation of meditative insights, the validity of which is substantiated with a compelling scientific literature review, the author constructs hypotheses that reconcile facts with intuition.

Mesmerizing narratives of his expeditions into the unconscious suggest an amazing possibility: just as dreams are seemingly autonomous manifestations of our psyche, reality may be an externalized combination of the subconscious dreams of us all, mixed as they are projected onto the fabric of space-time. Perhaps the laws of physics are an emergent by-product of such synchronization of thoughts. Through computer simulations, the author explores the implications of these hypotheses, with conclusions uncannily reminiscent of observed phenomena.

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Reflections and Meditations, episode 3: Real or Imagined? (Bernardo Kastrup)

Does reality exist when nobody is looking? Is the existence of nature really independent of conscious minds? Different challenges emerge depending on whether the answer to this question is ‘yes’ or ‘no’. In case of ‘yes’, one has to explain how something as immaterial as consciousness can emerge from something as unconscious as matter. In case of ‘no’, one has to explain how a solid, continuous, and apparently autonomous reality can emerge from the voluble medium of mind. In this video, we will explore these options and ask ourselves: Which of the two questions above is more amenable to rational analysis?

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