Rupert Spira – Investigating Our True Nature

Nonduality author and teacher Rupert Spira points beyond our usual ideas about ourselves to who we truly are: ‘aware presence’. Rupert says that when we look towards our self, the first things we find are thoughts, ideas, feelings and sensations. We have thoughts, for example about our gender, age, job title and history, and we also have feelings and bodily sensations. Rupert calls this the ‘first layer’ of experience that comes to us when we look for our self. But it’s quite obvious that none of these things qualify for being who we truly are. This is because thoughts, ideas, feelings and sensations come and go all the time. But what you are is always present, always here, always aware. This clip is an extract of audio dialogue with Nic Higham entitled ‘Love Beckons Always’. The full-length version is available from

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