Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World by Michael Dowd

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“Evolutionize Your Life” pt 1 of 2 with Michael Dowd

This first half of a 2-part series narrated by “evolutionary evangelist” Michael Dowd entails a thoroughly naturalistic overview of the first of three themes in this deep-time presentation: a practical and inspiring understanding of our evolved human nature. The four components of our quadrune brain, roughly in order of their evolutionary ancestry, are the centerpiece: Reptilian (Lizard Legacy), Paleomammalian (Furry Li’l Mammal), Neomammalian (Monkey Mind), and Advanced (prefrontal cortex, or Higher Porpoise).

Challenges (including addictions) ensue from the fact that we moderns are endowed with instincts that served our ancestors but are now mismatched in these times — especially in light of all the “supernormal stimuli” (drugs, alcohol, nicotine, slots gambling, video gaming, internet porn, romance novels, sitcoms, soap operas, reality tv) that our ancestors never faced and that (not surprisingly) can so easily seduce us now. Even those of us without recognized “addictions” too easily become overweight, owing to the abundance and instinctively alluring combinations of food items that our ancestors accessed only rarely in the wild: sugar, salts, and fats.

The deep-time insights of evolutionist David Sloan Wilson are highlighted, as is the work of evolutionary psychologist Deirdre Barrett.

“Evolutionize Your Life” pt 2 of 2, with Michael Dowd

Part 2 (final) of a 2-part series narrated by “evolutionary evangelist” Michael Dowd.

Here the two primary topics explored are (1) an evolutionary understanding of DEATH as “natural and generative at every level of reality — and no less sacred than life, and (2) the trajectory of BIG HISTORY, focusing on innovations that enable cooperation at ever greater scales — and thereby the growth of complexity.

Dowd also celebrates the great popularizers of an inspirational view of mainstream evolution, including cosmic evolution. Examples are shown of the great work of Neil de Grasse Tyson (his extemporaneous and powerful “sermon” at the Beyond Belief conference) and a collage of other science celebrants (incl Carl Sagan) autotuned and set to music by John Boswell (aka Symphony of Science).

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  1. KL Anderson
    Jun 25, 2014 @ 11:56:14

    It is not God we thank for evolution, we evolve to Godhood in material and supermaterial evolution: we thank evolution for Godhood.


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