New Moon in Gemini – June 27 ~ Sam Geppi

The moon will be new in Gemini in the early morning hours of June 27, 2014. The new moon is a time when Sun and Moon come together, initiating that new 30 day cycle.

New Moon in Gemini – VIDEO

The sun and moon come together in Gemini, the sign of communication, flexibility, humor and adjusting to the information that comes back to us, based on what we’ve done. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence, or what is called the “Buddhi” in Vedic thinking. It is this intelligence which allows us to adjust our thinking and therefore our approach to life circumstances, based on the results we’re getting. Mercury is a neutral planet, not driven by bias of any sort – at least that is the hope. It is this unbiased view which allows us to adjust and accommodate life circumstances.

Mercury retrograde

Currently Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, showing a time of reflection on the details and what is being communicated to us. Mercury retrograde cycles are great for listening, which is often the most overlooked component of communication. This includes not only listening to what people say, but as described, listening and paying attention to the feedback and results in our life. Being a good listener allows us to make the proper adjustments.

Four planets in very high dignity

This new Moon in Gemini happens at a time when Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all either exalted or in their own signs. When planets are in this condition they are said to be intelligent or “awake”. Please read the full report on this current state of planetary affairs. But in sum, having four planets powerful, especially the ruling planet of the new moon, shows this is a time of enormous intelligence unfolding.

Ardra Nakshatra

This New Moon takes place in the Nakshatra of Ardra, ruled by Lord Shiva in his fierce/transformational form. Now is the time to bust through old paradigms with intelligence, flexibility and humor. A large part of Gemini energy also relates to forgiveness and flexibility, because we understand the nature of life is change, healthy change. Life is about transformation, and one third of the time we are in flux. Astrologically this is shown by the four dual signs, one of them being Gemini. Many times (especially in the Western astrological tradition) the whole process of “change and transformation” is relegated to 8th house/Scorpio stuff. But it’s important to understand that 8th house/Scorpio refers to “painful transformation”. In other words, 8th house/Scorpio energy is often the transformation we resist, that leads us to pain, suffering, stress, jealousy etc.

Yet, there is another kind of transformation that is natural, which is shown by the dual signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Anytime we have the new moon in a dual sign, it is a great opportunity for transformation, healthy, natural transformation. Now is such a time.

For the next 30 days focus on:

Being a better listener
Being more flexible
Questioning your “sacred cows”
Authentically forgiving others by truly honoring your differences
Embracing childlike enthusiasm and “beginner’s mind”.

Venus Mercury Jupiter and Saturn in Their Own Signs

Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will all be either exalted or in their own signs between now and July 12.

It is Unusual to have four planets either exalted or in their own signs at the same time. When planets are in this condition they are called “awake”. When planets are in a wakeful state (Jagraad) there is a high potential to be awake to the mistakes we make with their energies, And also translate that wakefulness into creative action.

Mercury – communication and flexibility
Venus – happiness and connection.
Jupiter – optimism and hope.
Saturn – commitment and realism.

If those planets are powerful in your natal chart, you should experience a quite a renaissance of creativity now. If they are weak in your natal chart, expect this to be a time where some of your communication/creative/inspired/commitment issues will be revealed, and hopefully better understood.

Blessings of Saraswati
In Vedic astrology, when Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in angles, they form a Saraswati Yoga, a placement that evokes the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, the Sattwic Goddess, the Goddess of higher wisdom. This current placement shows all three of those planets at the apex of their expression, and thus refers to many of those qualities. –

It is Saraswati who has the discrimination to separate truth from fiction, then create something beautiful as a result. You often see her pictured with a swan, with sacred Scriptures in our hand or close by, as well as holding a musical instrument. A swan has the discrimination to separate milk from water. Like all Hindu goddesses, she is paired with a masculine archetype. But in the case of Saraswati, her masculine pair is actually Lord Brahma, her father. Whereas the other Hindu goddesses are paired with a husband (there is confusion about whether Saraswati is also the wife, but she is always at least his daughter).

Of course, a father/daughter relationship is much more pure in nature. It is not mixed with desire and complexity. There’s a strong connection through goddess Saraswati to the goddess Lalita “The one who plays”. In this model of the universe, everything is just a game, or a divine sport of the goddess.

It is said that the divine mother is most present and noticeable in young (premenstrual to be specific) girls, As they are naturally connected to both nature and the purity of love pulsing throughout all of existence. Saraswati is evocative of that image as well.

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