The Twelve Messages of the Spiritual Heart: A Novel of Transformation Timothy Moran (Author)

What is it that keeps us from living a happy existence?

Can we truly heal our bodies from any illness?

Are we able to find harmony in our lives by accessing our soul’s divine blueprint?

These are just a few of the profound questions that are the focus of The Twelve Messages of the Spiritual Heart.
When a serious health crisis suddenly forces Timothy to re-evaluate the meaning of life, he embarks on a journey of spiritual awakening and is thrust into the world of the beautiful Satyana, an enigmatic and powerful intuitive. With Satyana’s help, Timothy enters into the mystical realm of the Akashic Records to discover a series of twelve ancient truths that reveal how to live a healthy and happy life, while at the same time being confronted with the possibility of his own death.
A journey that spans lifetimes, dimensions, and the higher planes of consciousness, The Twelve Messages of the Spiritual Heart is at once an adventure story and a thoughtful essay on how we can all actively pursue our own enlightenment.

Timothy Moran is a lifelong spiritual seeker, an entrepreneur, a certified Reiki master/teacher, and an Akashic Records consultant. He is also the owner of The Heart of Shamballa, a small business focused on promoting healing and self-awareness. When not travelling or teaching workshops, Timothy can be found in his native province of Ontario, Canada. For more information on Timothy,
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Poem from The Twelve Messages of the Spiritual Heart

Published on Dec 11, 2013
Here is an excerpt from my novel: The Twelve Messages of the Spiritual Heart. This poem speaks about how everything that we experience in life, even the perceived wrongs that are done to us, are essentially perfection. They are a part of higher plan to awaken us from the illusion of the physical world and bring us back to truth and Oneness.

If you are interested in buying a copy of The Twelve Messages of the Spiritual Heart, please visit one of the websites linked below. Namaste!

How to Relate to Ignorance ~ Rupert Spira

In this video clip, Rupert gives an personal example of how to relate to people and events that trigger us.

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