Before I Am, Second Edition by Mooji (Author)

Before I Am is a selection of dialogues between Mooji, a warm-hearted spiritual master, and seekers of peace, truth and freedom. This second edition expands upon the first with 100 pages of previously unpublished dialogues, fresh quotes, brush drawings and photographs. While Mooji’s presence carries a devotional fragrance, the words and drawings that spring from his Being are of the nature of non-duality.

At times humorous, at times tender, occasionally sharp and always loving, Mooji responds to questioners as they speak of fear, suffering, confusion, relationships, spiritual practice and how to live their lives in peace. Yet it is Mooji’s unsparing pointing to Truth, through the method of self-inquiry, which forms the essence of this book. His words represent unwavering invitations to investigate the nature of the Self and to rest effortlessly as the fullness and emptiness of Beingness. His answers encourage, challenge and never fail to illuminate. Enriched with Mooji’s exquisite brush drawings – which add depth and a power of their own – this book is even more potent than the first. This edition acts like an unsparing sword that chops the mind and leaves you fully naked as your Self.


Mooji – ‘Before I Am’ – Interview by Iain McNay : Part 1 to 6

Mooji – ‘Before I Am’ – Interview by Iain McNay

Mooji is a direct disciple of Sri Harilal Poonja (Papaji). In 1987, a chance meeting with a Christian mystic was to be a life-changing encounter for Mooji. It brought him, through prayer, into the direct experience of the Divine within. Within a short period, he experienced a radical shift in consciousness so profound that outwardly, he seemed, to many who knew him, to be an entirely different person. As his spiritual consciousness awakened, a deep inner transformation began which unfolded in the form of many miraculous experiences and mystical insights. He felt a strong wind of change blowing through his life which brought with it a deep urge to surrender completely to divine will. Shortly after, he stopped teaching, left his home and began a life of quiet simplicity and surrender to the will of God as it manifested spontaneously within him. A great peace entered his being, and has remained ever since. In this interview he tells his story and talks about his work



Neale Donald Walsch – Living From Your Soul

Neale will share with you the secret to connecting with your soul and transforming your life into a complete and constant expression of who you truly are.

Neale will guide you, step by step through his simple but powerful process, based on the most important insights he’s received since he wrote Book One of Conversations with God.



You will discover how to . . .


  • Accept yourself and your circumstances fully and feel “in the flow” no matter what you’re doing or what challenge you are facing
  • Attain a more profound understanding of who you really are
  • Be more relaxed, knowing that things will always work out just as they should
  • Feel confident about speaking your “truth” as you know it, without fear of judgement or conflict
  • Operate from a place of calm contentment in every aspect of your life
  • Walk through your everyday life with a much deeper sense of your place on the planet and why you are here

“The Secret to Finding What You’ve Been Searching for Your Entire Life” ~
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