The Paradox of Creation: Wake Up You Are God in Disguise by Camillo Loken (Author)

The Paradox of Creation is now being revealed to you. It´s part of the Divine Plan. You move along the circle of creation and you have now reached a point where it´s time to dis-cover and re-member that you really are God in Disguise.

Your current life is about Waking Up in order to once again re-member who you really are. You have reached the awakening part of the circle of creation. We all have. Creation is a paradox and the set-up has been hidden from us as it had to be. Our space-time construct is in place to facility consciousness to experience itself and you are a point of that consciousness.

This book will – reveal to you The Paradox of Creation – show you how un-manifested, unlimited, infinite potential of consciousness is manifesting and facilitating itself through you in order to BE – show you how the subconscious mind is a vital part for the character you play in the game of life – show you how time is not linear, but part of a grand cycle – explain how the game of life is set up and how you can benefit from knowing the rules – help you wake up and once again re-member who you really are There are no coincidences. You are reading this book description for a reason. Listen to your heart – to your intuition – to find out if you are ready to wake up and see who you really are: God in Disguise.

Camillo Loken (1965- ) is an author and international speaker on the subject of raising human consciousness in this ongoing awakening process. He lives in Fredrikstad, Norway with his lovely wife Synnove and their children. He grew up in a family of physicians and atheists. He spent several years abroad studying computer science and economics at University of Toronto, Canada and Marketing, Sales and Management at University of Surrey, Guildford, England. Later on he worked for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world: Merck, Sharpe & Dohme.

After 11 years as a product manager in this company he changed direction in life completly due to a powerful awakening. He had to follow his heart and as such he became a spiritual seeker full-time and quit his job. He embarked on a journey to seek the truth about creation. This journey led him to incredible meetings with psychics, channelers, shamans and people with near-death experiences from many different continents. He also ended up working with many of them.

During Camillo´s exciting spiritual journey he was also invited to have a special meeting with the renowned humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassadors of peace Sri Sri Ravi Shankar when he came to Norway in 2012. In 1982 Shankar founded The Art of Living which is now an international organization represented in 152 countries. In 2010 Shankar was named by Forbes Magazine as the fifth most influential person in India. Meeting him was truly a great moment for Camillo. Meeting him and other spiritual people provided Camillo with more pieces to the puzzle of creation. In addition Camillo´s journey also opened a door to The Paradox of Creation by introducing Camillo to a person, who like no other, has experienced the core of creation- The Paradox Point in slow motion.

The insight and wisdom acquired on Camillo´s spiritual journey is being reflected in his spiritual books for the sole/soul purpose of helping you re-member who you really are. They are tools alongside many others tools emerging in this time of awakening. The feminine Yin energy is coming forth to balance out the dominating masculine Yang energy. Camillo is also the author of the books The Paradox of Creation and The Shift in Consciousness. Both available on Amazon as Paperback and Kindle.


The Paradox of Creation explained in 5 steps

new book about the Paradox of Creation. The cycles of Creation are driven by the core paradox of the infinite and finite. This is being explained using logic and logic reveals the magic

How did creation occur? Did The Big Bang come out of nothing or was it Intelligent Design?

Who are we? what are we doing on this planet? Are we God in disguise? are we a point of consciousness? Is creation a paradox of the infinite and the finite? Did the Big bang just suddenly appear from Nothing to create a human life form that is conscious? Or did consciousness create the Big bang and matter? Is creation the result of Intelligent Design? Does consciousness create form? Find out more about the Paradox of Creation now being revealed:

You Are A Point Of Consciousness. The Paradox of Creation.

Camillo Loken-The Paradox of Creation, Wake up you are Gods in Disguise

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Camillo is a well known Norwegian speaker and author within the field of spirituality and the shift in concsiousness. He grew up as an atheist before becoming a spiritual seeker looking for a bridge between science and spirituality and to see the connection between the two. He found this bridge and this totally changed his life. He left a secure job in one of the biggeste companies in the pharmaceutical industry to embark on a journey leading him to incredible meetings with psychics, channelers, shamans and people with near-death experiences from many different continents. In his latets book, The Paradox of Creation, Wake up you are Gods in disguise he presents interesting views on how the universe might be working.
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Zen Encounters with Loneliness ~ Terrance Keenan

Pub Date Nov 4 2014

Embark on a poignant and sometimes comic journey through Zen, poetry, and the transformative, personal practice of writing.

In Zen Encounters with Loneliness Terrance Keenan weaves together poetry, memoir, and raw insight to give voice to the lonely “nobody” in everyone. From his memories of early childhood to his struggles with addiction, writer’s block, and human relationship, Keenan delivers a heart-rending portrayal of the human hunger for selfhood and connection. Through his beautifully crafted literary reflections, he finds that Zen does not comfort our dream of being somebody, rather, it reveals connection only when we face who we really are—nobody. Zen Encounters intimately calls us to recognize that the well of emptiness is also a well of potential—to grow, learn, and overcome adversity.

Terrance Keenan was formerly a special collections librarian and head monk at the Zen Center of Syracuse. His poetry, essays, and reviews have appeared in national journals, including The Georgia Review, Epoch, White Pine, and River, as well as in numerous anthologies. Keenan was trained as a Rinzai Zen Buddhist priest under Roko Sherry Chayat and Eido T. Shimano Roshi. He lives in County Cork, Ireland.

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