The Short Path to Enlightenment : Instructions for Immediate Awakening ~ Paul Brunton

Larson Publications (September 7, 2014)

“Paul Brunton gives voice to the profound teachings of immediate spiritual awakening that have the power to short circuit the seeker in us and reveal the true nature of reality here and now.” —Adyashanti

People who enjoy Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now, A New Earth), Michael A. Singer (The Untethered Soul), or Adyashanti (Emptiness Dancing) will enjoy and benefit greatly from The Short Path to Enlightenment.

These accessible teachings distill the essence of Advaita Vedanta, Zen, Sufism, Dzogchen—Brunton calls them “Short Path” teachings. A simple recognition, a brief moment of grace, can make what seemed like a far-off spiritual goal actual here and now. But we need reliable pointers for how and where to look. This compilation of gems distills the essence and effective practices of this path in direct, jargon-free language useful to followers of any or no particular tradition.

“The true gift of this wonderful book,” says Adyashanti, “is in how nuanced and subtle Paul Brunton understood these profound and transformational teachings and how directly he conveys them. Read this book as you would a scripture or a sutra and let it open your eyes to eternity.”

• How to move from the Long Path of spiritual disciplines to the Short Path of direct insight
• Short Path exercises
• Experiences that may occur
• Warnings
• Stages of realization
• The nature of lasting enlightenment

Widely considered the most influential writer on self-realization in the 20th century, Paul Brunton traveled the globe in search of authentic spiritual teachers, with whom he lived and studied. Major reviewers acclaim his integrative writings as “sensible and compelling,” “a rich vein of wisdom,” “deep and original,” etc., that “stand beside Merton, Huxley, Suzuki, Watts, and Radhakrishnan.” He presents and makes accessible a broad spectrum of deep teachings, both East and West.

Compilers Mark Scorelle and Jeff Cox are both longtime students of Brunton’s work and are immersed in contemporary nondual teachings. Jeff recently retired as president of Snow Lion Publications, publishers of numerous works by the Dalai Lama and other revered Buddhist teachers. Both are available for promotional activities.

Ramana Maharshi, Swami Yogananda & Paul Brunton

Uploaded on Sep 27, 2011
This is the only available rare footage of Ramana Maharshi with Swami Yogananda and Paul Brunton during their visit to him on 29th Nov. 1935.

In this video you can see the Maharshi’s unblinking eyes through which we can understand his nischalatatva, ultimate stillness.

Source: Arun Kanth


Uploaded on Sep 11, 2007
Slide show of contemporary Philosophers/Sages/Mystics inspired by the writings of Paul Brunton.The Notebooks vol 1-16.

More info on the higher philosophy here.
Music is an arrangement of a trad Irish tune.

Paul Brunton – Relax and Retreat

Quotes taken from Paul Brunton’s Notebooks.

Paul Brunton – Architect of a 21st Century Philosophy
by Peter Holleran

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