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The World was shocked and saddened by the apparent suicide of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams on Monday, August 11, 2014.

Robin Williams’ Birth Chart: Libra Ascendant

Robin Williams was born July 21, 1951 at 1:34 PM in Chicago Illinois. His chart has a Libra rising sign, ruled by Venus, who also rules the eighth house. This shows how Libran’s need to experience constant change, intellectual and social change, if they are to fulfill their destiny. It also shows the insecurity and vulnerability that comes from change, and the Libran need for strong social connections to help them navigate the fear of intellectual and social transformation.

When he was born Venus was in Leo, in his 11th house of ambition (and disappointment), joined the South node, in an extremely tight conjunction, exact. The influence of Ketu on his ruling planet, and 8th lord, shows a very insecure person – more specifically, someone who was very self-critical, with standards of perfection no one could meet. In addition to that, the 11th house is the most cruel, as it leads us into high desire and deep disappointment over time.

The moon connection
Opposite his Venus/Ketu in Leo sits Rahu/moon in Aquarius, also in a very tight conjunction. A Rahu / moon conjunction is a known indicator for mental imbalance, bipolar disorder, or at the very least extreme mood swings. His almost manic emotional behavior, as exhibited in his dynamic comedy can certainly be shown to spring forth from a Rahu / moon conjunction. In addition, the Rahu/Moon person has a capacity to project their emotions and feelings into others, as well as pick up on other’s emotions. In short, Rahu blows things open, explodes them in a way that feels out of control. When he joins the moon, our heart feels blown open all the time, and we feel a bit out of control.

However, his moon is also the 10th house ruler, of career. Aquarius is the fifth house, a creative/dharma house. Therefore, the moon forms a powerful Raja yoga, giving him enormous insight and creativity with this “blown open” heart of his. Life was an emotional roller coaster for him and he took us on the ride! His spontaneous, comedic genius will never be seen again.

Mercury and the sun in Cancer (10th house)
His career in communication is easily seen by Mercury (the speech giver) in his 10th house of career. Not only do we see its influence, but Mercury is a very auspicious planet for Libra, as the ninth house ruler. It forms another powerful raja yoga.

However, Mercury was also in Aslesha Nakshatra, the most prominent Nakshatra seen in suicides. This placement figures prominently in his tragic demise.

Mars/Saturn mutual aspect
There is a troubling mutual planetary aspect between Saturn and Mars, from the ninth and 12th houses, with Saturn four houses in front of Mars. Saturn is a very important planet for Libra, giving them realistic boundaries with others, and the capacity to make peace with life’s painful transformation (as described above).

However, with his Saturn in the 12th house, it seemed much easier to escape from life’s painful realities, rather than face them. The 12th house is the house of escapism through alcohol or other addictions. Robin Williams was also a heavy cocaine user when he was younger. Cocaine use is related to Mars.

Jupiter in Pisces
This gives Robin Williams a very wise, sensitive and benevolent nature, as Jupiter rules Pisces. However, this placement is also gives us an excellent lesson in how a Planet acts as a functional malefic. Jupiter rules two cruel houses for Libra, the third house (personal desire) and the sixth house (difficulty/struggle). Pisces is the sign of escapism and alcoholism (in addition to cancer and Scorpio, the other water signs). Sensitive and compassionate Jupiter here is overcome by personal desires and the struggles that result. However, it also gave him a great awareness of right and wrong, and shows why he was able to manage his depression and alcoholism for such a long time. It is also aspecting Saturn in the 12th house.

But planets in their own sign have a very high standard. Well dignified (planets exalted or in own sign) functional malefics (especially when they are natural benefics) hold a sort of unfulfilled promise. They have enormous intelligence, in an area of life we are not comfortable with. In this case, a powerful Jupiter gives piety and righteousness, but a Libran has no use for such a thing.

Instead, on a deep level, I believe Robin Williams probably felt as though he was letting himself down and letting others down – as he could never embody Jupiterian virtue. The promise of Jupiter gets spoiled by his rulership of cruel houses for Libra. Yet, beneath all of the clowning, Robin Williams easily conveyed a wise, gentle and benevolent, sensitive soul. Much of that also came from this wonderful Jupiter.

Current Transits and Dasas
Robin Williams entered a Ketu/saturn dasha in March 2014. This cycle, tragically, saw him relapse with alcohol. He even checked into a clinic in July 2014 for alcohol treatment. As was mentioned, Ketu joins his ruling planet and 8th house Lord Venus in the natal chart, bringing an intense focus on personal growth through personal change that requires a loss of control (8th house).

Saturn is in the escapist 12th house, but more importantly he rules the mentally unstable moon/Rahu conjunction in Aquarius, Robin’s fifth house. Saturn also rules the sun in Pushya Nakshatra, the planet of ambition and disappointment (11th lord), as well as the natural “Self” indicator. Ketu / Saturn activates all 3 Self factors – ruling planet, sun and moon.

Full Moon / Suicide Transits and Aspects by Transit
The official declaration of death took place on August 11, 2014 at 12:02 PM. At this time there was a Libra rising, with Saturn and Mars also in Libra, Robins first house. In addition, the moon was almost exactly on Robin’s natal Moon, and there were four planets in Cancer, his 10th house of recognition and notoriety.

Of note, transiting Mercury was in virtually the exact same position as his natal Mercury, in Aslesha with the sun. As mentioned earlier, this is the Nakshatra of suicide. Tragically, Mr. Williams could not bear the emotional intensity of the full moon the day before, as it opposed four planets in excessively sensitive cancer.

In addition, I find it extremely important, if not the most important factor, that Saturn by transit is aspecting his natal Mercury, as well as the sun/Mercury by transit in the current sky. The last several months, since Saturn turned retrograde at 29 Libra then turned direct again, would have seen his Mercury in Aslesha under enormous pressure. And of course, Saturn is the indicator of death.

I also find it noteworthy that Ketu by transit was within 6° of his natal Jupiter in Pisces, in the 6th house.

I Confess – I Was Not a Fan of His Comedy
I do not like most American comedies – physical comedy, etc. I am not a big movie fan nor do I have much interest in celebrities. However, there was something so different and special about Robin Williams. Something innocent, sweet, unique and talented – almost not of this world. There was a natural humility about him as well. In the quieter moments of interviews with him, a shy, humble and incredibly sensitive being emerged that was unlike any other movie star or entertainer I have seen. He seems so fragile.

My favorite of his movie roles was from a movie called “Awakenings”. It was straight role, where he played a doctor who was helping people become animated from a catatonic state. The movie also had Robert De Niro playing one of the patients. There was no comedy in this movie, it was pure heart, pure love, pure Robin Williams

Rest in Peace, Robin.

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