What You Are Cannot Be Remembered ~ Rupert Spira

Rupert discusses that what we are cannot be remembered as an object.

Silent Question : A Spiritual Odyssey by Doug Marman

Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? A true story of the quest to know. This book is not about answers. It is about the power hidden behind questions that have haunted people since the beginning of time.

The Silent Questions begins with a life-altering dream experience, followed by a series of unexplainable events that propel the author into a quest for truth.

“Originally, I thought I needed answers. I was lost without them. I felt compelled to search for some kind of map that would explain everything. However, changes entered my life like new ocean currents that took me far from where I expected to go… I soon learned I was not chasing something fixed and easy to nail down. I was hunting something alive: A reality that unfolded its depth the further I pursued it.”

Drawn on by the need to know, Doug sets out on an adventure that carries him into personal experiences with death, out-of-body travels into other dimensions of consciousness and meetings with spiritual masters. He looks behind the masks of God and sees a reality subtler than he ever imagined. Over and over, just when he is ready to declare victory with his discoveries, along come new realizations that shake the foundation of everything he knows. This personal, first-hand account spans more than forty years, showing how every aspect of life is changed for those who cannot resist the call of the silent questions.

Doug Marman has been writing, lecturing, and leading classes on spirituality and the exploration of consciousness for more than forty years.

His varied work has led him through successful careers in a wide range of professions, including: journalist, inventor (with more than 25 patents), editor, engineer, marketing manager, photographer, corporate executive at one of the largest companies in the world, and co-founder of a technology start-up.

He lives Pacific Northwest of the United States, with his wife and family.

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Coming Home to Calm: Awakening to Divine Intelligence by Donna Strong

In these troubling and turbulent times, we all need a message that the grit of experience can be transformed into peaceful pearls of wisdom. With a voice that uniquely addresses both human existence and the life of the spirit, Donna Strong delivers an inspiring message of redemption in this poignant personal memoir.

While the storms blow and life seems to fall apart again and again, at a crucial point a shift begins from reaction to response. Through letting go and embracing what life brings, the author shows how we receive the true gifts of spirit. Coming Home to Calm reveals a path of peace available to us all; to reclaim our heart and find a deeper form of belonging through communion with nature and the living intelligence that is in and around us. As we stay present and remain authentic, the doorway opens to the divine.

Donna Strong began writing for magazines in 1986. Today, she continues writing feature articles on accomplished figures in the arts, business and emerging consciousness. An editorial contributor to Awareness Magazine in Southern California, Strong has written extensively for a diverse range of magazines. She is currently working on her second book, titled The Legacy of Love, focusing on death as a spiritual catalyst. Originally sparked by independent study, Strong began studying creativity and human consciousness in college. The impulse to understand these subjects has become a lifelong passion.

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