Your Year for Change : 52 Reflections for Regret-Free Living ~ Bronnie Ware

Pub Date Oct 14 2014

Having spent several years listening to, and then writing about, the regrets of dying people, Bronnie Ware understands the importance of acknowledging death and finding the courage to live a happy and authentic life in the meantime.

In this tender yet influential collection, Bronnie Ware shares 52 inspiring stories, woven among observations from her daily life, strengthening you with the values needed for regret-free living. You can read one story a week or read them all right through. Either way, Bronnie’s ability to open your eyes to new perspectives will also open your heart to new strengths and dreams. Your Year for Change is a gentle and powerful book that will leave you determined to embrace your life, forgive your past, honor your heart, and create a regret-free future of happiness and wonder.

Bronnie Ware is an author, songwriting teacher, and speaker from Australia. Her inspiring memoir, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, has connected with hearts all over the world, with translations in 27 languages. Bronnie lives in rural Australia and loves balance, simple living, health-loving food, and waking up to the songs of birds.

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A Little Something – Bronnie Ware

A Little Something was originally conceived long ago, intended as a photography and inspirational book. Over time though, it took on a life of its own, finally evolving into this clip, an eBook, and the accompanying song!

Bringing Awareness to Doing ~ Tara Brach

Bringing Awareness to Doing

Published on Sep 5, 2014
Bringing Awareness to Doing (08/20/2014)

One of the core domains of egoic trance is addictive doing – chronic activity driven by fear and wanting that keeps us from realizing a wholeness of Being. This talk looks at how addictive doing keeps us in the map of time, identified as a separate self, always on our way somewhere else. We then explore ways we undo this conditioning by pausing and opening to the liberating dimension of Being.

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