New Moon in Virgo For 2014 ~ Sam Geppi

Published on Sep 23, 2014

Uniting the Details with the Bigger Picture

Too often we relegate Virgo areas of life to things such as “housecleaning”, or “nitpicking”, etc. But actually this is just a tangible expression of the intangible quality of “discrimination”.

In order for the soul to ascended to the heights, we will need to understand the difference between truth and fiction. We will need to clearly be able to delineate the real from the unreal. This comes from the ruler of Virgo, Mercury

Mercury is a “neutral” planet. Meaning, it is not charged with a bias toward one thing or another. There is no judgment in the Mercury area of life. Of course, this is a blessing and a curse, because without judgment our attention may be hijacked by foolishness and entertainment.

But when focused on a higher purpose (the domain of Jupiter) our naturally curious mind goes to work, organizing reality into bite-size chunks that we can master.

In this way, information itself can become divine, especially when it leads to technique and practical application – The domain of Virgo.

This next month is a great time to focus on your habits and routines and question how much you are putting into practice the information you “believe in”. Often we mistake believing in some idea “about truth” for actually “applying the truth” in our life. We can read book after book about “how to meditate”, but until we put down the book and actually meditate, nothing meaningful is happening yet.

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra
Virgo comes after Leo, the sign of royalty, where we build a kingdom of our life. Virgo is where we must organize and manage that kingdom. This new moon happens in the first Nakshatra of Virgo, called Uttara Phalguni, the marriage star. Marriage is important to living a successful life. It is also a “love contract”, as people often enter into marriage for reasons other than love itself – namely family and security.

Contracts and binding agreements are keys to this section of the zodiac and the Deity Aryaman. He is one of the Adityas, the incarnations of the sun given providence over the earth. He is often evoked with the God Mitra, the God of friendliness. Of course, having friendship with those you are in partnership with, either business or personal, is important.

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