The Science and Practice of Humility: The Path to Ultimate Freedom by Jason Gregory (Author)

Humility, being open and receptive to all experience, is the key to becoming one with the spontaneous patterns of the universe

• Integrates classic teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism with principles of quantum physics to reveal the science of the enlightened masters

• Reveals how we are each capable of shifting from the aggressive path of the warrior to the humble path of the sage

• Explains how the key to catching the current acceleration of conscious evolution is humility

From Krishna and Lao-tzu to Buddha and Jesus, each enlightened master discovered how being receptive to all experience was the key to becoming one with the universe and its spontaneous patterns of order and chaos. Revealing humility as the purest expression of this receptivity, Jason Gregory integrates classic teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Hermeticism with principles from quantum physics to explain the science of humility as practiced by the ancient masters.

The author shows how, driven by fear, the human mind creates the ego. In its greedy and arrogant quest to protect the self and its desires, the ego forges the illusion of separation, weaving complex patterns of reality that shield us from our unity with all beings and result in attitudes of aggression, selfishness, and competition. He reveals how the iconic clash between this complex, aggressive “path of the warrior” and the simple “path of the sage” is reflected in the polarized state of the modern world. Yet this state also reflects the accelerating wave of conscious evolution we are now experiencing. The key to catching this evolutionary wave is humility: the reversal of complexity into simplicity, the ancient science of mental alchemy that represents the Great Work of Eternity.

Jason Gregory is a spiritual philosopher and practitioner of internal arts and esoteric health. He is an internationally renowned author, writer, filmmaker, teacher and worldwide speaker specializing in the fields of eastern and western philosophy, comparative religion, spiritual traditions, metaphysics and ancient cultures. For several years Jason has lived and studied in Asia with the students and masters of the varying sects of Buddhism, Gnosticism, Hermetic Philosophy, Hinduism and Taoism. In these years Jason has searched ashrams, monasteries and temples in some of the most remote places in the world exploring perennial wisdom.

He is the author of the highly acclaimed The Science and Practice of Humility and the cult classic Way of the Weirdo. Jason wrote and directed the online documentary presentation The Sacred Sound of Creation. He has written many articles for high profile magazines and websites around the world. Jason’s work has been featured on many radio shows with his numerous guest appearances.

Jason Gregory spends most of his time writing, traveling and teaching worldwide in his workshops on perennial philosophy, spiritual traditions east and west, esoteric health, psychology and consciousness. His workshops are said to be the most insightful and inspirational events one can attend, as Jason continues to expose that humility is a science that one can apply to their life which unlocks the deeper essence of all wisdom traditions.

The Science and Practice of Humility | Book Trailer

The art which the ancient masters of our past lived by and expressed is a transparent state of consciousness that is a riddle dwelling deep inside the mind of humanity. From the life of Krishna to Lao Tzu, and from Gautama the Buddha to Jesus of Nazareth onto Ramana Maharshi of the modern era, all possessed a universal axiom that secretly transforms the individual and humanity. Enlightenment is the common motif associated with such masters either literally or in parable, yet nevertheless, what was the discovery they acquired to facilitate this illumination? Hidden deep within the annals of time is a science that the enlightened masters revealed within themselves that brings their life into accord with the laws, patterns and principles of the universe.

The Science and Practice of Humility outlines the knowledge of how humility itself is a direct science that an individual can live by, which aligns one with the natural function of the universe. The natural principles and patterns of the universe are not temporary phenomena that exist isolated outside of the human-being, as most institutions erroneously believe. But instead the universal principles and patterns are found within the consciousness of the individual, whether that be physical, mental or spiritual, the principles and patterns are there for all to see in The Science and Practice of Humility.

The modern idea that we need to force ourselves upon life to be successful is actually against the flow and function of how the universe expresses itself. The Science and Practice of Humility demonstrates how the spontaneous nature of the universe corresponds to us being receptive to all experience, and in this core teaching it illustrates to the individual that humility is the human expression of this receptivity which leads to the authentic comprehension of how evolution and enlightenment are intimately related.

The Science and Practice of Humility Trailer Credits

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Narration by Jason Gregory

Jason Gregory | Insight Radio Network | March 26, 2014

Published on Mar 27, 2014

On March 26, 2014 Jason Gregory was a special guest on Insight Radio Network with Dr. Steven Hairfield and Liara Covert. The connection in this interview drops a little in and out at the beginning as Jason is living in the remote countryside of Thailand. But if you can persevere this interview explores some topics within his new book “The Science and Practice of Humility.”

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