The Art of Spiritual Rock Gardening By Donna Schaper

The Art of Spiritual Rock Gardening is an inspiring and practical guide for both garden lovers and spiritual seekers. The uses of the rock garden as a site of beauty, reflection and spiritual nourishment are many. Building a quiet corner of stones and plants slowly and meditatively over time is its true meaning. Process over product, journey over destination, forever a work in progress-rock is the best metaphor we have of everlastingness.
From choosing the right rocks and plants to weeding and night gardening, this book shows how to start or maintain a rock garden, whether one has access to acres of land in the country or a window shelf in the city. At the same time it describes the sacred meaning of stones and rocks in many of the world’s cultures and spiritual traditions, including Stonehenge and Ayers Rock, the Western Wall in Jerusalem and the Ka’ba in Mecca, Japan’s Zen gardens, Europe’s cathedrals, America’s temples and Egypt’s pyramids. Both practical and inspirational, it will appeal to everyone who loves gardens, rocks and the transforming power of nature.

Donna Schaper is currently Senior Minister of the historic Judson Memorial Church in New York City. Dr. Schaper describes the church as “a gathering place for people who seek spiritual nurture to build public capacity for social change.” Among her current projects at Judson are developing a bail-out theater and “underground economy” while also building a public ministry training program for future church leaders. The church is also the home of the New Sanctuary Movement of New York City and of Occupy Faith and is initiating a new offensive to retain access to abortion rights. Rev. Schaper has been senior minister at Judson since 2005.

Schaper is the author of numerous books, most recently GRACE AT TABLE: SMALL SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS TO LARGE MATERIAL PROBLEMS. Her best seller is SABBATH KEEPING. Other popular selections among her 31 books include WHEN A PARENT DIES and THE ART OF SPIRITUAL ROCK GARDENING and GRASS ROOTS GARDENING: RITUALS TO SUSAIN ACTIVISTS. Her articles, opinions, blog posts, and essays appear regularly in a diverse mix of media, such as The Huffington Post, the National Catholic Reporter, Sojourners and Tikkun.

To learn more, visit or where her blog Grace at Table appears as well.

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