Light on Enlightenment by Christopher Titmuss

This lucidly written guide is a practical introduction to the Buddha’s teachings. Christopher Titmuss demonstrates how these teachings can affect our everyday lives, drawing on the experiences of real people. Each section concludes with questions to ask ourselves. Suggestions for practical exercises and tasks are included.

Many in the West today are familiar with the benefits offered by meditation and mindfulness, and keen to understand more about Buddhism. Written by a former journalist and Buddhist monk, Light On Enlightenment is an accessible guide to the Buddhist teachings, offering insight and inspiration for daily life, as well as a lucid guide on the path to enlightenment.

Christopher Titmuss draws upon the experiences of real people to show how Buddhist teachings are relevant to the problems of Western society, and can exert a valuable influence on science, psychotherapy, green issues, our lifestyles and communities. Light On Enlightenment opens up for all of us the possibility of inner transformation and regaining control over our lives. –

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Do I Cause My Own Suffering?

A 5 minute Dharma talk by Christopher Titmuss

Four Noble Truths


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