Vedic astrology – Hope and Passion and Shift Away from Tamas this Week

Published on Oct 20, 2014
Vedic astrology – Hope and Passion and Shift Away from Tamas this Week

There is been a few significant planetary shifts recently, that show a “deemphasizing” of Tamasic/protective/fearful energy, and a greater emphasis placed on enjoyment (Rajasic) and inspired themes (Sattwic).

Last week there were 3 planets in Virgo, which is a Tamasic sign. Debilitated Venus, joined the sun and (Tamasic) Rahu. As I reported last week, this created quite a lot of irrational fear, on the world stage at least, related to the Ebola virus, etc.

Of course, each of us probably experienced some version of this “crisis of irrational fear” in a certain area of our life (whichever house where we find the sign Virgo most likely).

In addition to that, Mars was in Scorpio, a Tamasic planet in a Tamasic sign. This placement referred to a healthy, empowered response to stress and fear. Hopefully, there was a part of you courageously aligned with strengthening your irrational fears and vulnerabilities.

A Different Story This Week
Since then, both Venus and the sun have moved into Rajasic Libra, bringing more of a focus on personal relating, happiness and creativity. Also, Mars has left Tamasic Scorpio, and entered Sattwic Sagittarius, emphasizing hope, meaning and the bigger picture.

Also, both Mercury and Venus are in their own signs – with Mercury in his sign of Virgo and Venus in its sign of Libra. Thus, the intelligence of life situations has drastically improved. Rather than being dominated by irrational fear, (Rahu joined debilitated Venus and the sun) there is more intelligence brought to the situation, as Rahu is also joined his ruler, and we are reflecting on recent fears and conclusions.

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