1. Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature 2. Nature Is Speaking – Harrison Ford is The Ocean

Published on Oct 5, 2014
Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice.
Nature Is Speaking – Harrison Ford is The Ocean | Conservation International (CI)

Full Moon in Taurus – December 6, 2014 ~ Sam Geppi

Published on Dec 5, 2014
A Quick Story About Taurus and Values:
Once there was a lady who was complaining about her marriage to a friend. She lamented “I’m so stressed out over my marriage that I’ve lost 20 pounds. I can’t sleep. I can eat”. The friend said to the woman “why don’t you leave if it’s so bad?”. Well, said the woman, “I want to – See more at: http://www.mydailyastrology.net/join/…

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