Spirit Journaling – A Way Inward By John Holland

When you acknowledge, work with and follow your soul, whether it through meditation, or simply just taking time to get quiet, you’ll begin to embark on a journey to a special place deep inside, where you’ll discover many of the tools you require to start thinking and feeling from within. It’s a place where you’ll not only feel safe to talk to your soul, but you’ll be able to listen and follow its wisdom.

Over time, you’ll begin to view your life, the world, and everything around you through spiritual eyes. You’ll become aware of and develop an extraordinary new understanding, one of increased compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and healing. In this quiet place, you’ll establish your own unique relationship with the Divine Source and how it molds itself to the patterns of your life. During these times, you’ll experience and receive many insights, so I recommend that you keep a journal, or one of my Spiritual Reflections Journals, close by to capture your spiritual progress, and record the patterns weaving within and around your life.

For many years, I’ve kept my own journals and from time to time, for no apparent reason, I look back with a sense of pride and joy at the progress in my life, as well as laughing at some of the mistakes I’ve made. I can see how I’ve grown and I appreciate the significance of some of the important lessons that I needed to encounter along my own journey. My journal has helped me learn from past experiences, and it’s become an invaluable resource to help me navigate through the complex maze of life. So, if you’ve not already started, I suggest your keep your own Soul Journal and commit your thoughts and feelings to paper, as you record your own spiritual journey. Please don’t worry if you’re not a competent writer or if your grammar is a bit hit and miss! Just remember, this is your journal, it’s totally private and you’ve no one to impress, so you can be completely honest and free.

As you grow as a soul, you’ll learn new lessons, have new memories, and become inspired as you hear and tell stories. Your prayers will be answered, and people will enter your life as you raise your consciousness and vibration. New goals and affirmations will be added as your aspirations grow, meditations will reveal incredible insights, intuitive flashes and impressions will show up with increasing clarity and regularity, and events will guide and change your life. All these things remind you of who you are, and better yet, they’ll show you the potential of how far you can go.

The spiritual discipline of journaling is meant to be so much more than just a record of events. It’s a way to relish and devote time to yourself, and it will help you to connect with your soul on a deeper and more profound level. Try to look at it as a form of meditative conversation with your inner-self. It’s your time to ask your soul questions, and then through all the synchronicities, intuitive flashes, insights, and impressions see how the answers appear.

John’s Lesson – Spiritual Journaling Tips

ONE – It’s best to try to write your journal around the same time every day and preferably in the same area. I find the early hours of dawn quite inspiring, but write when it suits you best.

TWO – Take it on your travels, so you can record information about the people, places, and the experiences you encounter.

THREE – You don’t have to show your writing to anyone if you don’t want to. This is for you and your soul, a safe place to share yourself with the Divine Source.

FOUR – There is nothing too small or too insignificant for your Soul Journal, it all counts.

FIVE – Record as many happy memories as you can, that way when you’re feeling low or need inspiration, you’ll have your happy memories to look at.

Finally, you may be asking what else you can record in your Soul Journal. Here are just a few more ideas of some of the things I’ve recorded over time:

How your day went. Did you learn or discover something new about yourself, or someone else? Any new insights you want to share about yourself from today?

Begin to record your personal goals and desires.

Write down affirmations that really inspire you or make up your own.

Your nightly dreams.

Meditative insights.

Begin to list what you’re grateful for in your life.

Any symbols, drawing or images that you feel are coming through inspiration.

Synchronicities along with psychic and intuitive impressions.

Journaling is not meant to be a chore, but it’s really just a vehicle to cultivate a good working relationship with your soul. As you complete your journal, you’ll feel spirit moving within you and guiding you. You’ll notice how you and your soul start integrating as you become one. Throughout this process, the real you will begin to emerge. Your thoughts take on greater clarity and you gain accessibility to some of those unanswered questions as you reach deeper within yourself. Try not to over analyze everything, just get out of your own way and most importantly – be honest with the Divine Source as well as yourself.

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