Dark Energy and Human Consciousness: Humanity’s Path to Freedom by Tom Cahalan

Nobody knows how life was first breathed into the first atom, molecule, or cell; all biologists can do is to suggest the most reasonable possibilities by analysing the oldest DNA available. Scientists postulate that life emerged from non-life via natural processes about 3.7 billion years ago. It then evolved (and continues to evolve) to higher levels of complexity based on mutation, natural selection, and time. In other words, scientists believe that life is purely a physical phenomenon.
There are logical arguments, based on scientific concepts, suggesting that dark energy is a non-physical force that influences life and is the source of reason, intelligence, compassion, and love. If we acknowledge and nurture this non-physical (dark energy) aspect of our beings, it will bring balance to our minds and move us from selfishness to love, care, and compassion.
Is this the path to freedom from selfishness, corruption, abuse of power, and greed; and consequently from poverty, starvation, conflict and war?

Table of Contents
Preface, xi,
1. The Present Reality, 1,
2. The Universe, 12,
3. The Origin and Evolution of Life, 30,
4. Reality, 43,
5. Religion, 47,
6. The Evolution of Human Consciousness, 58,
7. Summary, 97,
Bibliography, 105,
Index, 109,

Tom Cahalan qualified as a mechanical engineer in 1974. For the past ten years he has been researching the interconnectedness between the universe, life, and human consciousness. He published Beyond the Horizon: Where Science Finds God in 2012. This book describes the creation and structure of the universe and also looks at biological evolution and the development of human consciousness. It explains the interconnectedness between all aspects of reality, from the source of the universe to life, mind, and human consciousness. Finally, it discusses the influences that religion, politics, and science have on human consciousness and consequently on the world in which we live. Tom lives in the town of Clane in County Kildare, Ireland with his wife. They have five children and one grandson.

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