ABC of Life, Lesson 1: Consciousness as the essence of Creation ~ Frans Langenkamp

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  1. contoveros
    Jan 09, 2015 @ 09:05:48

    “Absolute Bliss Consciousness.” The ABCs of life. We’re energy connected to a Source that you can call God, Allah, Divine Providence or the infinite point of all energies.

    I had to take a break halfway through this lecture. I couldn’t take any of it in intellectually. I simply “opened” myself internally, resonating with just about everything this man had to say. Much of it stemmed from the teachings of the Hindus — the Vedas, I think they’re called — which were written some 6,000 years ago. (It’s funny how that number of years corresponds with the Hebrew calendar . . .Maybe there is something there that can meet the eye!)

    Langenkamp mixes science and philosophy with spirituality in a clear way. I took in as much as I could recognize with my limited knowledge of these things. In my studies of Buddhism, I was vaguely familiar with the importance of Wisdom and Compassion (or Love). It is all we need for a smooth flowing way of life.

    The professor puts it in a different light, one that is easy to understand and live by . . .

    We are alI like waves from the same ocean. We look outward and see the shore, the other waves, the sunlight and many other things that compete for our attention. The bikinis, the girls in the bikinis or perhaps out of their bikinis. We must eventually realize that we can look inward and experience the oneness with the ocean. The ocean is the essence of all that is . . . It is the Source of me and you and everything else that exists in our universe. It is the Absolute. It is the Bliss. It is the Consciousness.

    What a way of looking at Life!

    I look forward to the next lesson.

    Michael J,
    Writing as Contoveros


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