The Other Side of Hell by Charles Bynum (Author)

The Other Side of Hell” is a journey into the world of drug addiction, prison, darkness and despair. But more importantly it is a story of spiritual transformation and hope. Join the author as he visits the mind of the addict, and explores how one’s own ego can lead to self destruction. Follow him through the depths of suffering into the enlightenment that changed his life.

Charles Bynum writes because he has something to say. Life took him to the deepest depths of despair where he discovered a wondrous gift. It was in the darkness of the dark places where he found the blissful light of peaceful awareness–a light that exists in the darkness of us all. It is into that darkness that he wishes to take you so that you might discover the light that is in you.

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Rocky Mountain Views-Charles Bynum

1. Stanislav Grof “Spiritual Crisis” 2. “Organized Religion”

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Stanislav Grof, MD, PhD, is a psychiatrist with almost 50 years of experience in research of nonordinary states of consciousness. He has been the principal investigator in a psychedelic research program at the Psychiatric Research Institute in Prague, Czechoslovakia, chief of psychiatric research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, assistant professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and scholar-in-residence at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. It was at Esalen that Stan Grof codeveloped, with his wife Christina Grof, Holotropic Breathwork, a technique that includes deep, connected breathing, music, art, and trained facilitation with the goal of wholeness, healing, and wisdom.

Currently, Stanislav Grof is professor of psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California, conducts professional training programs in Holotropic Breathwork and transpersonal psychology, and gives lectures and seminars worldwide. Stan Grof is one of the founders and chief theoreticians of transpersonal psychology and the founding president of the International Transpersonal Association.

Stanislav Grof “Organized Religion”

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