Does Consciousness need a Brain? – Evidence for Reincarnation

Published on Oct 5, 2014

Dr. Bruce Greyson reports of cases that suggest that consciousness does not need a physical brain and in fact not even a physical body. Presented at the “Cosmology and Consciousness Conference” hosted by Upper TCV, Dharamsala, in 2011
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What is Meant by ‘Self Remembering’?

Published on Jan 27, 2015

A conversation exploring what is true self-remembering


LOVE – The Underground River : DVD Format: ~ Rupert Spira

Editorial Reviews
About two years ago, before he began to teach, Rupert Spira gave us an unpublished manuscript entitled “The Transparency of Things.” It deeply moved us. So pregnant with “glimpses” and timeless recognition, it took us three months to digest the book’s contents. Our interactions regarding the final content of The Transparency of Things gave birth to a series of spontaneous conversations. Filled with vitality, we turned on some cameras simply as an invitation for others to share in this intimate dialogue. The resulting film offered a more direct experiential approach to the teaching of non dual wisdom. It was heralded as a “hands on,” real time exploration of Presence. This new 2 disc DVD set is a continuation of our initial encounters, mining sensation, perception, thought and feeling for the holy grail: the immediate and direct experience of our true nature. Once again, we humbly offer these exchanges for your viewing pleasure in the hopes that we might share this joy of being with you.

Love The Underground River trailer

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