Heaven and Hell by Emanuel Swedenborg (Author)

In Heaven and Hell, Swedenborg gives the reader a detailed description of the afterlife. He deals with God, heaven, hell, angels, spirits, and devils; and he addresses the issues of who is in heaven and hell. Are there any Jews, Muslims and people of pre-Christian times such as pagan Romans and Greeks in heaven? He posits that the love of self or of the world drives one towards hell, and love of God and fellow men towards heaven. Here is the most influential and important book ever written on the subject!

Heaven and Hell is Swedenborg’s most popular book and his fullest report of his experiences in the other world. In it he describes heaven, hell, and the world of spirits that lies between them, and he recounts in detail the process of passing from life to afterlife, as well as the subsequent experiences of the soul. He counters certain traditional views by maintaining that angels (and devils) are not a separately created genderless race but people (both male and female) who once lived in the physical world.

These spirits end up either in heaven or in hell depending upon the lives they have led and the choices they have made on earth. Infants and children of any and all religious backgrounds—atheistic, agnostic, non-Christian, or Christian—enter heaven and grow up to young adult age after death, while adults maintain or regain a state of healthful youth. Swedenborg colors his account with abundant details concerning the nature of the spiritual world—having to do not only with angels and their powers, their language, their homes and clothing, but also with the circumstances of devils and evil spirits.

In many respects, Heaven and Hell is “the place to start” for those who wish to become acquainted with Swedenborg’s rich account of the afterlife. Over the years this volume has been much sought also by readers who have an interest in near-death experiences or who seek consolation for the loss of a loved one.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a Swedish scientist, nobleman, and theologian who spent his life investigating the mysteries of the soul. Born in Stockholm to a staunchly Lutheran family, he graduated from the University of Uppsala and then traveled to England, Holland, France, and Germany to study the leading scientists of the time. He gained favor with Sweden’s King Charles XII, who gave him the position of overseer of the Swedish mining industry. Later, he was given a seat on the Swedish House of Nobles by Charles XII’s successor, Queen Ulrika Eleonora. Between 1743 and 1745 he began to have visions of heaven, hell, and Jesus Christ which resulted in a stream of books about the nature of God, the afterlife, and the inner meaning of the Bible. He devoted the last decades of his life to studying Scripture and presenting his own unique theology to the world.

Heaven and Hell – Swedenborg

Published on Aug 14, 2013
Some short excepts from Heaven and It’s Wonders and Hell by Emanuel Swedenborg.
Music from Sense – 32mus (Psychonavigation Records)
Images from Where Dreams May Come
“Only God Forgives” by Cliff Martinez & Gregory Tripi (iTunes)

What Heaven Feels Like

Swedenborg’s been there, felt it, and wants to tell us what it’s like.

The narration in this video comes from the books Secrets of Heaven, Vol. 1 #545, and Heaven and Hell #399.

You can download both of those books for free below.

Heaven and Hell: http://www.swedenborg.com/archive/pro…

How We Learn in the Afterlife — Swedenborg and Life

Streamed live on Aug 25, 2014
Do we continue to learn in the life to come? What is that learning like? Join us as we read through Swedenborg’s accounts of his spiritual experiences and what he learned through them.

Topics include:

-How being taught prepares people for heaven
-How we can receive that same teaching here on earth
-Centers for learning in the afterlife

You can download the book that we’ll be going through for free as an ebook or pdf here: http://bit.ly/1pyMMWs

The Blueprint of Oneness: A guide to chaneling Saint Germain and achieving spiritual renewal

Inspiring and interactive, this manual demonstrates how to effortlessly release negative belief patterns and to respond positively to any situation by following the guidance of Ascended Master, Saint Germain. Providing the tools to connect to higher frequencies, this handbook encourages that individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment breathe, feel, and allow the energy of Saint Germain into their beings in order to realize his teachings. This remarkable meditation argues that integration and self-transformation can occur not only through the mind but also through the heart itself.

Saint Germain was an 18th-century figure who connected to Theosophy and is credited as an Ascended Master. Ashmarae McNamara is a psychic medium and a founding member of the spiritual organization Awakening From Within.

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