Where to Find Happiness ~ Rupert Spira

Published on Feb 3, 2015
A conversation about everlasting Happiness

The Untrue Story of You: How To Let Go Of The Past That Creates You, And Become Fully Alive In The Present by Bryan Hubbard (Author)

In The Untrue Story of You, Bryan Hubbard presents a powerful, groundbreaking theory explaining who we really are, how our relationship to our past affects us and how we can finally find true healing. In the pages of this book, you will discover that ‘you’ are actually made up of Three Selves, or time-bodies – past, present and potential – and that these three distinct entities send out energetic pulses, or waves, that interact to create your experience of life.

As you move through life, experiences you never fully understood from your past begin to weigh you down, causing you to respond in the present with anxiety and fear without knowing why. As this pattern repeats itself, it can drag you into depression or addictive behaviours that are seemingly out of your control. Sharing his own moving story of overcoming the painful experiences of his childhood, Bryan teaches you how to heal the negative patterns you have created in your life, and, through a 21-day programme, become the real ‘you’ – the child you once were who could see the world as it really is, an unfolding miracle in the present moment.

Bryan Hubbard is a successful publisher and journalist, and editor of the well-respected international magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You, which he produces with his wife, bestselling author Lynne McTaggart. http://www.bryanhubbard.net

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Uploaded on Aug 15, 2014
Bryan Hubbard introduces The Untrue Story of You

Bryan Hubbard: Living Life Outside of Time

Published on Feb 2, 2015
Bryan Hubbard joins us to talk about living a unique and enlivened life. We are tied to repeat experiences when we put restrictions on life. Time is one such restriction. Framing every experience as a point in time is a misunderstanding of reality – and it prevents us from having a direct experience. Direct experience occurs when we are not binding everything to rules about how life works.

For more information about Bryan’s work, please visit: http://bryanhubbard.net/

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