Gangaji: 1. What is Enlightenment? 2. Facing the Abyss 3.Inquiry or Search: what is the difference?

When we are willing to stop and experience the clear light of our own consciousness, free from concepts of enlightenment, we discover what is always here. We can directly experience the truth.

Gangaji on Facing the Abyss

“You can never discover how big your heart is until you are willing to let everything in…That’s the astounding possibility of a human lifetime.”

Inquiry or Search: what is the difference?

Gangaji responds to a letter from someone at a retreat. What is the difference between searching and self-inquiry? It is so difficult to comprehend what staying conscious without mental activity means.

End Your Story, Begin Your Life: Wake Up, Let Go, Live Free by Jim Dreaver (Author)

Each of us has a personal story; a narrative that we tell ourselves about who we are. But too often those stories limit our possibilities and achievements. In End Your Story, Begin Your Life, Jim Dreaver offers a profound message: we can overcome obstacles, develop our creative power, and discover our true nature by letting go of the personal stories that define us.

Dreaver lays out a straightforward practice that will help reader learn to see and experience life in the present moment, free of any negative thoughts, concepts, beliefs, or stories. He walks readers through his simple, easy-to-use three-step practice for transformation: be present with your experience; notice your story; see the truth.

Dreaver shares his own spiritual journey to seek enlightenment and inner freedom, and reveals how he discovered this effective practice. He interweaves stories about people he has worked with using this process, both privately and in workshops, and the successful transformations they have made to happier more fulfilling lives.

Jim, a native of New Zealand, served in the Royal New Zealand Artillery, did a tour of duty in Vietnam from June 67 – July 68, and retired in the rank of captain. After working in sales for two years, he then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and after graduation, opened his first office in Santa Rosa, California.

He practiced as a chiropractor for 25 years. However his real passion, sparked by a health crisis when we was just 29, was awakening to the truth of his being—to the freedom and joy that do not depend on outer circumstances, and that he intuited was his true nature.

He was initially inspired on his quest for freedom by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, and then in 1984 met European nondual master, Jean Klein, who became his teacher. With Jean’s guidance, he finally realized freedom from the “I,” the “me,” and all its stories in the spring of 1995. Ever since then, he has been dedicated to sharing his message of heart-centered awakening—and of creating a new, more empowering life experience and “story”—with others.

His own awakening was severely tested by another health challenge, when he suffered three strokes over a period of five months, the third, which put him in the intensive care ward at UCSF Hospital, happening in January, 2004. He was forced to quit his practice, and it took him several years to recover, but throughout the whole process, he just flowed, basically, harmoniously with whatever was happening.

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Jim Dreaver – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Jim Dreaver, originally from New Zealand, began his search for freedom in the mid-Seventies with the teachings of yoga, Zen, and J. Krishnamurti, and then met European Advaita Vedanta (the nondual or direct path) master Jean Klein in 1984, who guided him to seeing the truth in 1995. His mission now is to guide others to the realization that awakening is centered in the heart, and is ever and only here, now. He has taught at Esalen Institute and elsewhere.

Books: End Your Story, Begin Your Life: Wake Up, Let Go, Live Free The Way of Harmony:: Walking The Inner Path To Balance, Happiness, And Success Falling Into Light

Jim Dreaver, author of “End Your Story, Begin Your Life”

“End Your Story, Begin Your Life” author, Jim Dreaver talks with Susan about how to become free from your story that keeps you stuck in life and awaken to being in the moment and enjoying your life.

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