Our Return to Oneness: A spiritual guide toward a higher fulfilling and meaningful life By Dr. Becky Liguori, Msc.D.

Techniques for:

• A more fulfilling relationship and career
• Finding more meaning and purpose in life
• Living a more joyful, serene, and harmonious life
• Returning to your destined path in life
• Gaining more independence

This inspiring guide is bound to raise your inspiration to new found levels and help you soar to new heights of enlightenment and spirituality.

We are all born on a destined path in life. As we travel this path, we may wander off through experiences and detours.

Let this spiritual guide be your map to getting you back on your original authentic path. We all have an internal GPS to guide us back, though, we sometimes lose our connection to it and need a guide to return back to it: Our Return to Oneness is that guide.

In returning back to oneness with all of existence, we must make a departure from our current path toward our original intended destination.

Get ready to embark on an amazing and mystical journey. Leave your baggage behind. Grab your boarding pass and prepare for the journey of your life. There will be turbulence, so keep this guide close and refer back to it often. It will help you through. Once you arrive at your destination, you will find it all to be worth the miles you have traveled.

Let us begin your transformational journey together.

Dr. Becky Liguori is a doctor of metaphysical science. She is an ordained metaphysical minister, metaphysical practitioner, spiritual life coach, Reiki practitioner, healer, and meditation instructor. She also is a Certified Angel Card Reader and Certified Earth Angel Realm Reader. She has earned her certificates through Doreen Virtue and Hay House. Becky conducts classes, workshops, private and group coaching, and seminars.

Becky has always had the desire to help others and make others happy and joyful. She coaches others to live the life they desire. It is her calling to inspire and empower others. She advises others to reconnect with nature, spirit, and universal power to live a more harmonious, positive, and inspired life. She believes we all must come back to the oneness of all that has ever been. She is extremely passionate about this subject.

Becky loves spending time in nature by gardening, walking, meditating, and watching wildlife.

She and her husband, Joe, have created their spiritual business, Harmonious Journey, to empower others to manifest divinely the life of their desire. They share the practices and principles of metaphysical science to spread universal harmony and oneness.

Becky and Joe live in Arizona.


The Deathbed Sutra of the Buddha: Or Siddhartha’s Regrets by George C. Adams Jr. (Author)

What if, on the final night of his earthly existence, the Buddha experienced a second Enlightenment, leading him to radically revise his teachings about the self, the world, and spiritual fulfillment? And what if that final teaching, lost for over 2000 years, was rediscovered?

“The Deathbed Sutra of the Buddha” purports to offer that final conversation, part teaching and part confession, between the Buddha and his trusted attendant, Ananda. Sometimes touching, sometimes shocking, and sure to spark controversy everywhere, The Deathbed Sutra forces Buddhists and scholars of Buddhism to seriously re-evaluate fundamental aspects of the tradition.

Regardless of how readers assess this work – as a hoax or as a legitimate lost teaching of the Enlightened One – they will find its content to be a serious challenge to long-held positions about the nature of the self, the nature of reality, and the path to enlightenment. This short work will be a must read for anyone with a serious interest in the teachings of the Buddha.

George Adams is an Adjunct Professor in Religion at Lycoming College and Susquehanna University, where he teaches a wide range of courses in World Religions, religious experience, mysticism, and related areas. A graduate of Fordham University in New York City, Dr. Adams has published numerous scholarly articles and presented papers at professional conferences. Dr. Adams also operates Clarity Spiritual Counseling, an ecumenically-based spiritual counseling service aimed at providing guidance for individuals who are looking for spiritual alternatives to the traditional religions.

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