The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran Read by Richard Harris 1974

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What Is An Awakened Mind? by Jurgen Ziewe

The term Awakening has been widely used lately to describe the phenomenon of a spontaneous change of consciousness. Awakening can be described as a realization that there is a higher dimension of reality which is rooted in a universal consciousness of unity. Such a realization is inevitably accompanied with a heightened positive emotional state, invoking feelings of joy, connectedness, outpouring of love and frequently intense ecstasy. It often has a lasting effect on the life of the experiencer, but it can also take a lifetime to integrate such an experience into our everyday lives. There can be a number of triggers for STEs (Spiritual Transformative Experiences) or for such sudden change in consciousness to occur, such as a near-death experiences, drugs, shock, trauma, intense appreciation of beauty or involuntary or intentional rising of the Kundalini energy, which can be the result of a prolonged meditation. A spiritual awakening often has a lasting and transforming effect on one’s life.

The awakened life
There is a great difference between awakening and leading an awakened life . People who had an awakening experience or STE often feel like exiles after having experienced that their true home lies elsewhere. But once our awakened lives have become the status quo we are no longer interested in leaving this world in favour of some spiritual heaven, because this world will have become our true home, perhaps for the first time. Our focus of attention is shifted. We may even lose interest in a spiritual life or spiritual pursuits, simply because “spirit” or consciousness reveals itself to be in everything we place our attention on. Nothing is exempt. Wherever our attention is directed to we will be aware of a new Presence which will be with us every hour of the day.attention on. Nothing is exempt. Wherever our attention is directed to we will be aware of a new Presence which will be with us every hour of the day.This Presence, some call it the Silent Watcher, others “God” or simply Stillness, will reveal to us the inner workings of the circumstances surrounding us. Best of all we begin to think and act like the “Silent Watcher”, and whenever we realise that we are no different to this “Presence”, we are welcomed with ecstasy and joy and this will happen on a daily basis. Every morning we open our eyes we feel like sending out our gratitude for the privilege that we are allowed to be alive on this earth. We will experience a constant, underlying stillness which accompanies us wherever we go and nothing else has any power over us or our lives. Such a statement may sound preposterous when we find ourselves in the middle of a battlefield or when tragedy is unfolding around us. And what about a life in constant physical pain and illness one may ask? The nineteenth century sage, Ramakrishna, who died of cancer in constant pain said simply this: “Oh my mind, remain in bliss; let the body and its pain look after each other.”
Our awakened consciousness may still experience the pain, but without the suffering. We no longer seek to escape from reality, but instead we begin to appreciate its deeper meaning. Instead of trying to escape from reality in futile distractions we welcome it with an open heart in eager anticipation of what reality will offer and teach us next.


Key characteristic of an awakened consciousness:

  • Attention is focused on the present moment
  • Enhanced sense of reality and increased discriminatory powers
  • Persistent feeling of being “Home”, regardless of where we are
  • Enhanced aesthetic appreciation
  • Spontaneous peak experiences in everyday life
  • Enhanced empathy with fellow men
  • Non-judgmental attitude
  • Increased creativity and joy in engagements which benefit others.
  • Awareness of a benevolent presence, which may be referred to as “God”, “Higher Self”, “Guide”, “Guardian Angel” or simply the presence of a universal consciousness
  • No fear of death
  • Detachment from conflicts and enhanced modes of dealing with them
  • Dreams are more coherent and often lucid
  • Lack of attachment
  • A feeling of Sovereignty over one’s life and destiny
  • Authentic, accessible, benevolent, empathic, sense of humor, tolerant, perceptive, wise
  • Indifference towards roles in society, such as status, acclaim, fame, position, wealth etc
  • Purposeful and rewarding relationships without attachments or dependency
  • Perception that every moment is new.
  • Reality is not seen as repetition even though apparent repetitive events occur
  • Disinterest in psychic abilities although they may arise
  • Disinterest in following a “spiritual” path
  • Regarding dream life as important as waking life and vice versa
  • Modest and content with the ordinary
  • Impartial, detached, peaceful, objective
  • Ability to adapt and experience any viewpoint from the viewer’s perspective
  • Not considering themselves as enlightened


Source: Awakened People

The Warp and Weft of Life is Tension animated by Relaxation, Pamela Wilson

Published on Mar 20, 2015
Each one of us is the Tree of Life. A deeply rooted stillness and substratum. From the depths of spaceless space, pure potentiality blooms into form and function animated by deep relaxation. It maintains itself with pure strength in a creative tension. As it is all powerful, it can infinitely relax and contract, infinitely weave and return to formlessness. This is its play. A relaxed mind can celebrate the breadth of life and see the intelligence, creativity and mischief. A worried mind cannot but arc between enjoying and suffering. So, our first act of compassion is to show the mind its uncontained naturalness, so it can enjoy the View. This takes no time, as the Mind is already free, loyally pretending to be a small stressed servant rather than the supreme intelligence. Like a golden eagle freed from too small a cage, the mind can soar and explore with graceful curiosity all of creation and the space that holds everything. There is such a delight in looking into the Known and finding a shape shifting all creative deathless intelligence. Always at play in the field of Life.

Pamela speaks the Truth of advaita, non-duality – that the universe is one undivided whole. For the last twelve years she has traveled widely in the United States, Canada and Europe, holding satsang and giving private sessions. Week-long retreats have been held in Mexico, Costa Rica, France, the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA. She has endeared herself to many through her lighthearted humor and compassion, and deep understanding of what it is to be human. She lives in Napa, California.

Adyashanti The Awakened Way

The Awakened Way

What is it like to live an awakened life?

While the world is trying to solve its problems and everyone around you is engaged in the same, you’re not. While everybody around you is trying to figure it out, trying to arrive, trying to “get there,” trying to be worthy, you’re not. While everyone thinks that awakening is a grand, noble, halo-enshrouded thing, for you it’s not. While everybody is running from this life right now, in this moment, to try to get there, you’re not. Where everybody has an argument with somebody else, mostly everybody else, starting with themselves, you don’t. Where everybody is so sure that happiness will come when something is different than it is now, you know that it won’t. When everybody else is looking to achieve the perfect state and hold on to it, you’re not.

When everybody around you has a whole host of ideas and beliefs about a whole variety of things, you don’t. Everyone on the path is getting there; you haven’t gotten anywhere. Everyone is climbing the mountain; you’re selling hiking boots and picks at the foot in the hope that if they climb it and come back down, they may be too exhausted to do it again. When everybody else is looking to the next book, to the next teacher, to the next guru to be told what’s real, to be given the secret key to an awakened life, you’re not. You don’t have a key because there’s not a lock to put it in.

When you’re living what you are in an awakened way, being simply what you’ve always been, you’re actually very simple. You basically sit around wondering what all the fuss is about.

When everyone is sitting around saying, “I hope that happens to me,” you remember when you did that. You remember that you didn’t find a solution to that. You remember that the whole idea that there was a problem created all of that.

When you’re being what you are, when you’re living the awakened life, there’s nobody to forgive, because there’s no resentment held, no matter what.

The truth of your being doesn’t crave happiness; it could actually care less. It doesn’t crave love, not because you are so full of love, but because it just doesn’t crave love. It’s very simple. It doesn’t seek to be known, regarded highly, or understood. When you’re living what you are in an awakened way, there’s no ideal for you anymore. You’ve stepped off the entire cycle of suffering, of becoming; you’re not interested.

It’s a curious life you find yourself in. You find yourself… where you are. Not where I am, where you are. Where you really are. Where we really are. It’s a curious place to be (especially in the beginning) not to be driven by anything—pleasure or displeasure, helping or hurting, loving or hating. The only thing that will move you (and I don’t mean to be too poetic about this) is the same thing that moves a leaf hanging from a tree. It’s simply because the breeze blows that way. So you always know what to do: The breeze blows that way, and that’s the way you go. You don’t ask questions anymore. You don’t evaluate why the breeze is blowing that way because you know that you don’t know why. And you know you can’t know why. There’s never been a leaf anywhere that knows why the wind blows that way on that day at that moment. That breeze changes the orientation of your life, moment to moment to moment, simply because that’s the way life’s moving. And when you’re living in your awakened self you have no argument with the way it’s moving because it is the same as you are.

And you know that the breeze was always there, from the very beginning, and that it wasn’t reserved for special people. If you didn’t notice it at some point in your life, you know it was because you weren’t listening, or because you thought you had to figure something out before you could listen, or because you thought there had to be some conclusion before you could just listen so deeply, so without agenda, so without hope of a better future that you would feel the movement.

Many of you know what I’m speaking of.

Truth never explains why it’s moving that way at that moment. And if you ask, it won’t give any information. It would be like a leaf asking the wind, “Why are you moving that way right now?” The question doesn’t make any sense to the wind.

But your argument with the way the truth would move—whatever that way is—is no longer there for you. You’re no longer arguing with it. You’re no longer trying to figure it out. Mother Mary didn’t figure it out. Buddha didn’t figure it out. Ramana didn’t figure it out. None of them figured it out. They just became That. Simple. Ordinary—in the same way a leaf is ordinary.

When you’re living in your awakened being and living in an awakened way, power on any level is not an issue for you. It’s not interesting. The power to control another human being is not interesting. Intellectual power is not interesting. The power to control yourself is not interesting. The power that people want to give you is not interesting to you—not because it shouldn’t be; it’s just not. What would you want to do with it? You see that there’s nothing you want to do with it.

You realize, in the truth of your being, that you are the totality itself, but you have no interest whatsoever in doing anything with that knowledge, with using that knowledge.

Finally, you realize that you really don’t want to change anybody, not because you shouldn’t want to change them, because you just don’t. You might not want to be around everyone, but still you don’t want to change them.

None of this is an ideal—it’s the end of ideals. None of this is holiness; it’s the end of holiness. It’s the beginning of wholeness. None of this is something to achieve, because it’s not achievable. It’s simply what is in the truth of your being. It’s just what is. You can’t attain what’s naturally so. And nobody anywhere can ever tell you when or why, or to what degree you’ll let go of untruth; you will let go when you let go, usually when nothing else works.

When you’re living in the awakened way, in the awakened being that you are, you’re alone, and you’re finally comfortable with it. You’re alone, but you’re not lonely at all, because the only one who was ever supposed to meet you where you are—the only one who ever could meet you where you are one hundred percent—was you. Nobody else could ever fully meet you where you are—maybe ninety percent, maybe ninety-five. Nobody can meet you fully but you. When you finally do, then you don’t need anybody else to do it for you. Then you’re alone, more alone than you could ever imagine. And strangely—very strangely—you are more connected, more intimate, more at one with everything. More. And you would have never thought that those two could in any way be together: total aloneness and total oneness. You would have never guessed that that’s the way it would end up. But it does, and it always has.

And finally, when you’re just living in the awakened way that you really are, you’ll never form an image again of what it’s like. Even as it’s happening, you won’t form an image because you’ll know they’re all images, dust. The way it was yesterday won’t be the way it is today.

Source: Adyashanti

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