Entangled Life and Kabbalistic Biology, Michael Kosoy

Published on Mar 27, 2015

Recorded at Science and Nonduality Conference http://www.scienceandnonduality.com/

Biology is the science of life by definition and explores forms and manifestations of living organisms. Kabbalistic methods apply specific approaches for analyzing and interpreting a wide range of meaningful information, and in this presentation these approaches will be demonstrated for a description of biological systems. Although the word ‘life’ is a noun, something is very fundamental in description of life through processes that distinguish living systems from non-living systems.

The properties specific for living systems such as an ability to grow, to reproduce, to die, to metabolize, to maintain internal balance, to adapt to external environment, and to develop hierarchical organization are inseparably linked and interrelated. Kabbalistic approach is not limited to perceiving organisms in terms of isolated elements, but rather is applied to their integrated relationship in the context of connection and meaning. Connection of elements of biological systems can be described in terms of non-locality measuring closeness as a similarity. Two organisms, which resemble each other, are close; in contrast, biological objects that differ are distant.

Generation and maintenance of biological diversity is a crucial characteristic of life, but multiplicity of forms can be studied in the way that visible manifestations indicate underlying unity behind the diversity produced by adaptation to local environment. Life manifests itself as pulsation; the principle of “run and return” is one of the life’s secrets. Biological systems behave as a whole having numerous elements with their own temporal scales.

Time in biology is measured through transformation of life forces. Kabbalistic approach is based on personal experience of the biologist and the task selected for a point of view: on what level you investigate the biological process; from which side you look at the biological object; what system of measurements is appropriate; what is a value of your observation?

Michael Kosoy PhD is a Research Biologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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