The One in the Mirror by Ramesh Balsekar (Author)

Ramesh Balsekar’s teaching is simple to grasp. He shows us the way to peace and harmony in daily living, while facing life from moment to moment. Accepting the words of the Buddha that ”Events happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual doer of any deed,” is a gateway to this peace. All actions are happenings which could not have happened unless they were ordained by the Source, which some identify as God.

In this book, Balsekar gives the essence of his teaching in short, simple passages that everyone can understand. Subjects covered range from ‘Free Will’ to ‘Meditation’. The book is a collection of individual quotes, some just a single sentence and others a few paragraphs long. Each quote, a sparkling jewel through which the teaching shines forth, is complete in itself.

Ramesh Balsekar’s focus is on the `practical` aspect of spirituality. Something to be lived each day of our lives, and not pursued as a lofty ideal. He draws the essence of his teaching from the Indian philosophy of Advaita (non-duality) which affirms that there is only ‘One Source’. This book reflects the core concepts of the Advaita philosophy, placed in today’s context by Balsekar, for the benefit of the reader.

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Ramesh Balsekar : The Final Understanding


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