Three Liberating Gifts: Part 1 – Forgiveness

Published on Apr 1, 2015

Three Liberating Gifts: Part 1 – Forgiveness (03/25/2015)

This 3 part series is based on a teaching story from the Upanishads that shows our potential to awaken from an ego-based trance and discover the full luminosity and freedom of our natural awareness. In each class we’ll explore one of the three gifts considered as essential on the spiritual path. The first is the capacity to forgive, to let go of the blame and resentment that prevents our hearts from being open and free.

The second gift is “inner fire,” the capacity to devote ourselves wholeheartedly to what we most cherish.

The third gift is a “mirror” or the capacity to look deeply into our own hearts and minds and realize the truth of who we are. Each class includes guided meditations that explore how these gifts can be nourished right here and now in our lives.

Moon / Rahu Eclipse in Virgo

Published on Apr 1, 2015

Moon / Rahu Eclipse in Virgo

After the Sun / Ketu in Pisces Solar eclipse on March 20, we get the Lunar eclipse in Virgo. This lunar eclipse in Virgo acts as a contrasting point to the Pisces eclipse. The moon as our heart and mind, and the desire to “hold things together”, especially psychologically. Now, in Virgo, we are looking to hold together the structure of our life, down to every hairsplitting detail. The can be a lot of psychological pressure when the moon is in Virgo, And a worrisome nature can result. In addition, the North node Rahu is stressful – trying to accelerate our perceptions beyond the present moment, into the future. This usually does not feel so good, because no matter what we may perceive, we are still “always in the present”.

Eclipse in Nakshatra of Hasta

This Lunar eclipse happens in Hasta, symbolized by an open hand. This is the hand of both manifestation and release. In the highest sense we want to create a world of order and beauty, but we also must not clutch and try to possess anything. Great harm is done when we claim ownership to any object of the world, especially when we “objectify” another person. This “grasping” is the only reason we suffer. Your relationship to the structures in your world and the need to have more discrimination from them is a big lesson now. These themes are especially poignant after the recent Pisces eclipse, joined Mars, which may have been very destructive. Now, picking up the pieces from recent events, and other cyclical ones, will be felt internally.

Debilitated Mercury
Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and he is debilitated now in Pisces. This shows the discrimination needed to organize and recognize the truth has been hijacked by a dreamy projection. Also, the story in our head may be confusing. In the highest sense, Mercury brings neutrality to situations, rather than emotional biases and other fallacies that distort our perception and lead to faulty conclusions. Correctly organizing and comprehending our life depends on Mercury being detached. This is hard to come by now.

Suggestions and Meditations

As is the case with all eclipses (and lunation cycles), introspection and meditation are the best thing we can do. In particular now, with this Moon/Rahu eclipse, it is very easy for emotional extremes to cloud our deeper feeling nature and potential. The deity of Hasta Nakshatra is Savitur, who is glorified in the famous Gayatri mantra. Repetitions of this mantra can be particularly healing now.
Om bhur bhuvah swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Deemahi
Di yoyo Nah Prachodayat

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Self Inquiry Berlin part one

Published on Apr 1, 2015

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