Aesthetic Rapture ~ Transformative Power of Beauty

”…As an artist, already from an early age, I’ve noticed how every experience has a certain resonance… a certain texture, a certain color, a certain flavor… And even a certain dimension where the experience felt most compelling…

These experiences were the budding impulses of creative outpouring eager to blossom within my being, with the senses as the apertures, both capable of absorbing or allowing the light of my own awareness to illumine reality into an extraordinary event filled with presence, or to rob me of my own Self…

How all these was arising was not always clear, but there was this mixture of intimacy and detachment – I knew this to be an inseparable part of my own self as a passionate but uninvolved spectator.

Wasn’t long before that I’ve realized the terrifying Power of Beauty as the delight incomparable to any as the essence arising deep within my own being.

…I’ve never really considered myself to be a seeker and the quest was not so much in finding the way out, but rather the way in… into that mystery of perception where the sanctity of the senses – as divine agencies – culminate in a state of the Aesthetic Rapture… where the Self beholding its own magnificence as this experience…

Way before the mind could be converted into other possibilities and philosophies where this phenomenal existence is seen and dismissed as an illusion arising in consciousness, I’ve realized, that my own breath is the ebb and flow to measure infinity itself… and my senses are divine instruments eager to be tuned into their finest level of resonance, so as to hear the ‘unheard’ voice of Creation arising within my own Being…

This (teaching) is an invitation to re-evaluate the nature of experience and to reclaim your divine status. The only quest here is in beholding life awakening through you as existence itself… This is the Path of Beauty…

The quality of our experiences are based on the level of our consciousness. The World out there is the way we perceive it in here and that’s not a static affair, for our reality changes with our perception of it. Everything unfolds in that creative tension between the subject and the object and the relationship between them. It is for that reason the refinement of perception is seen as an indispensable part of any spiritual progress… until subject and object, lover and beloved, are drowned in the Sea of Love…

This is not a concept but a revelation upon which the sanity of our lives depends. The sanity of our civilization… This revelation is what connects us to the very ground of existence.

This sanctity is life awakened to Silence steeped in Bliss – it is a stream flowing through you as wakefulness of your own awareness…

That sacred flow – though an inherent part of the river of being – is in need to be invoked through direct partaking, and diving into the depth of that invocation… again and again…”

© Igor Kufayev – Mill Valley, California. November 28, 2014


Filmed & edited by Caroline Harrison:

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