The Essence of Enlightenment: An In-depth Interview with Adyashanti Audio, Cassette – 2003 by Bonnie Greenwell Adyashanti (Author)

Adyashanti discusses the essence and impact of enlightenment and describes his own remarkable spiritual journey in this revealing and hear-felt interview with transpersonal therapist Dr. Bonnie Greenwell. This deep and rich dialogue describes what it means to be enlightened, the true essence of emptiness, and the unconditional love that is part of awakening. After 15 years of Zen practice and a series of every-deepening realization, Adyashanti’s Zen teacher asked him to teach. Since the, many spiritual seekers have awakened to their true nature while spending time with Adyashanti. Adyashanti’s unique expression of living truth emerges spontaneously form emptiness, free of any tradition or ideology. His teachings have been compared to early Chan (Zen) masters and the nondual Indian wisdom teachings of Advaia Vendant. Bonnie Greenwell Ph.D. is a transpersonal psychotherapist who specializes in spiritual emergence issues. She has researched, written and lectured internationally about kundalini awakening since 1986, co-founded the Kundalini Research Network.

I’ve enjoyed being a transpersonal psychologist and a non-dual teacher in Adyashanti’s lineage for many years, and through this work have met thousands of fascinating people engaged in a spiritual awakening process. My books are a reflection of all I have learned through my own spiritual journey and by listening to and supporting the spiritual awakening of many others. My intention is to provide guidelines that help people through the challenges of kundalini activation (should it occur through yoga, energy or spiritual practices or spontaneously), and the many other shifts that make adjustments necessary after a genuine realization of your true nature. These are profound transformative events that can strip away every bit of your previous identity, while at the same time bringing joy, bliss and astonishing insight. They change your perspective, your energy field and your life. My work has been to find ways to live with the challenges until they pass into the deeper peace that is available to all hearts that enter this process.

During the years of my own awakening process I finished my doctorate, raised 3 kids, became a grandparent, and managed to stay married. I traveled to Europe and to India, helped to found and then facilitated conferences for the Kundalini Research Network, wrote books and carried a private practice. I have learned it is possible to find joy in everyday life by being present with whatever arises, and that the shifts triggered by awakening open doors within and without once you let go of being the one in charge. My life has been very graced. I hope my writings will lead those who seek Truth and peace into the relaxation of their own unique engagement with life.

Conversation between Bonnie Greenwell and Adyashanti in which they discuss the meeting of two approaches to awakening– the principles of Kundalini and the philosophy of nonduality.

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