Full Moon in Libra – May 3, 2015

Published on Apr 30, 2015

Full Moon in Libra
The new cycle of independence that was started two weeks ago will be tested now, with the Full moon in Libra. There could be a high desire to partner now. This may draw you back into a connection, which may have been broken a few weeks ago when Venus, Mars and the Sun all recently went through Aries.

Full Moon in Swati Nakshatra
This full Moon is in Swati Nakshtra, ruled by the God Hanuman, the Hindu monkey God – the King of the monkey mind. Hanuman shows th epower in the mind, once the force of air (prana) becomes gathered and focused.

Hemmed Between Rahu and Saturn
An environment of stress and intensity is still affecting Libra, with Rahu in Virgo (before Libra) and Saturn after Libra (in Scorpio). You may feel the pressure and consequences of your recent relationship life and decisions now.

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