Return to The Sacred: Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening by Jonathan H. Ellerby Ph.D. (Author)

Are you looking for inner peace? Do you seek a deeper understanding of yourself and the spiritual world? Have you followed the popular prescriptions for enlightenment and still found yourself unsatisfied? Return to The Sacred is a fascinating guide that will help you understand the importance of spiritual practice and the great diversity of paths that are available to you. This is a book that does more than provide philosophy and inspiration; it gives you the freedom to find a path that works for you and the knowledge to experience the answers for yourself. You’ll learn about the time-tested tools of spiritual growth that will help you discover extraordinary depths of wisdom, power, and peace.

Return to The Sacred will introduce you to the 12 Master Paths and Practices that have transformed the lives of countless saints, mystics, masters, and sages since the beginning of history. In this book, you’ll find what you need to discover your spiritual personality and choose the path that will lead you toward the realization of boundless joy and a lifelong journey of meaning.

Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D., weaves threads of personal growth and comparative religion into captivating true tales of spiritual adventures with teachers and healers around the world. Through colorful stories and clear reflections, he presents a perspective that reveals the rewards of spiritual practice, and a realistic understanding of the deep commitments and challenging steps along the way. Return to The Sacred is an inspiring journey around the globe and into the furthest reaches of Spirit.

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Soul Success and Spiritual Growth with Jonathan Ellerby PhD

Life changing steps toward peace and awakening.

Master the BASICS of Spiritual Health with Jonathan Ellerby PhD

Amazing introduction to six timeless tools to manager stress, master mindfulness, and move toward spiritual awakening. Check out Jonathan’s acclaimed new book “Return to the Sacred” you can learn more at

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Spiritual Insights Into The Interpretation of Mass, Space and Time – Catherine Pepin

As above, so below—said Hermes Trismegistus. In physics, perception is limited towards the infinitesimally small by the Planck scale defined by the Heisenberg inequalities; towards the infinitely big by the speed of light and the theory of relativity. In between those two scales lies our material world, of observable objects, subject to the laws of causality and to the tyranny of Time.

Sages and mystics of all time, on the other hand, have hinted at the observation that notime is present in meditation. At first sight we could believe that causality has just simply evaporated, and that the non-dual world is non-causal. In this presentation we will see that a more beautiful hypothesis leads us to envision that in meditation, causality has become instantaneous, not a-causal. In this framework the non-dual world is super-causal rather than non-causal. This assumption will lead us to reconsider the notions of mass, space and time from a spiritual perspective.

CATHERINE PÉPIN, PH.D. : 1.Where do Quantum Physics and Nonduality Meet? 2.Science and the Big Questions

An excerpt from the interview with Catherine Pepin featured in the Science and Nonduality Anthology Vol. 5.

CATHERINE PÉPIN, PH.D. Theoretical Physicist, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Saclay, France In 2005, she received a strong spiritual call which told her that in addition to the wonders of Scientific endeavour, there is an unmistakable Otherness, a presence impalpable to the mind. She was exposed to a number of spiritual teachings and experiences, starting in June 2006 with the meeting of late Stephen Jourdain’. In 2007, she went through a Shamanic initiation involving Iboga and Ayahuasca, the African and South Amazon sacred plants known to open doors of the Spirit.

Today, she is developing her own path, and is convinced that the spiritual call she received in 2005, while she was still a fundamentally materialistic scientist, was not an accident . It was an experience of a universal longing in the human Soul for a deep and uncompromising re-union of Science and Spirit.

Science and the Big Questions

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