What is the current scientific view of ‘Space time’? – Catherine Pepin

Published on May 22, 2015


In this conversation Catherine Pepin discusses space-time, gravity, entropy and consciousness.

Catherine Pepin is a senior research scientist at the Institut de Physique Théorique, CEA-Saclay, France. She is a quantum field theorist in the field of condensed matter physics. She belongs to the tradition pioneered by Schrödinger and Pauli for whom the notion of separation between science and mystical experience is an illusion.

The Principles of New Thought: Tracing Spiritual Truth from the Source to the Soul by April Moncrieff

The roots of New Thought can be traced back to the early 1800s, and like any spiritual movement, the interpretation and application of basic principles tend to evolve with society in a changing world.
From our vantage point in the 21st century, we can see that despite the diverse path New Thought has taken, its core beliefs continue to be a source of comfort for individuals seeking spiritual strength and encouragement.

What are these basic principles and why do they provide a long-lasting spiritual foundation? In THE PRINCIPLES OF NEW THOUGHT, author April Moncrieff has answered this question and clarified the unique aspects of New Thought by explaining the Biblical and individual influences that sparked this spiritual way of life. Not stopping there, this intriguing book will make one realize that the philosophy actually dovetails more closely with Biblical teachings than many of today s traditional Christian groups.

Ernest Holmes was quoted as saying, The Principles governing the New Thought movement are universal but individually and independently applied. In other words, even though the one True Source behind New Thought has forever been available, the spiritual laws are useless without the acknowledgement and action of each and every soul. Here s a new book that takes New Thought followers to the original roots of this world-wide movement, so they can understand and build a stronger spiritual life of their own.

APRIL MONCRIEFF is an author, teacher, counselor and lifelong student of metaphysical spirituality. An ordained New Thought minister, she has a diploma in Advanced Studies from Unity School of Christianity’s Continuing Education Program and holds Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Religious Studies from Emerson Theological Institute.
She has taught classes,conducted meditation groups, lectured for many years on a variety of metaphysical subjects, published poetry in Unity magazine, and writes children’s fiction with spiritual themes.
Rev. Moncrieff is a graduate of Connecticut College with a B.A. in English. She enjoys reading, music, word games, travel, antiques, vegetarian cooking and yoga.

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A New Reformation: Creation Spirituality and the Transformation of Christianity by Matthew Fox (Author)

A modern-day theologian’s call for the radical transformation of Christianity

• Echoes the Reformation initiated by Martin Luther in 1517

• Addresses the corruption and authoritarian tendencies that distinguish today’s Christian institutions from the spiritual message upon which they are founded

• Offers a new vision of Christianity that values the Earth, honors the feminine, and emphasizes spiritual tolerance

In 1517, Martin Luther, disgusted at the corruption then reigning in the Catholic Church, nailed on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, 95 theses calling for a Reformation. During Pentecost week 2005, former Dominican priest Matthew Fox nailed at that same church door a new set of 95 theses calling for a reawakening of the Christian spirit and a repudiation of the authoritarian, punitive tendencies that prevail in modern churches today. Fox’s theses not only condemn the deep corruption in the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, made evident by the pedophile scandal and the recent canonization of a fascist admirer of Hitler, but also speak to the loss of inspiration and resulting apathy that have emptied churches of all denominations.

Fox says, “At this critical time in human and planetary history, when the earth is being ravaged by the violence of war, poverty, sexism, homophobia, and eco-destruction, we need to gather those who offer a future that is one of compassion, creativity, and justice to speak their conscience as never before. Religion ought to be part of the solution, not the problem.” His 95 theses call for a New Reformation, a radical transformation that will allow us to move once again from the hollow trappings of organized religion to genuine spirituality.

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Matthew Fox-A New Reformation: Creation Spirituality and the Transformation of Christianity

A summarization or review of the book “A New Reformation: Creation Spirituality and the Transformation of Christianity” by author Matthew Fox. A brief explanation of what the book is about and how Christianity along with other Protestant churches that need a reformation.

Matthew Fox: Creation Spirituality (excerpt) – A Thinking Allowed DVD with Jeffrey Mishlove

NOTE: This is an excerpt from a 30-minute DVD.

A concern with nature and humanity is primary to the social conventions of organized religion, according to Matthew Fox, a Dominican priest and spiritual theologian. Fox is director of the Institute for Culture and Creation Spirituality at Holy Names College. Author of numerous books, including A Spirituality Named Compassion and the Healing of the Global Village and Creation Spirituality: Liberating Gifts for the Peoples of the Earth. Editor of Creation Magazine, he proposes that spirituality is a joyful response to life itself.

A Glimpse of Something Greater: The Stumbling, Fumbling Early Steps Along My Path to Spiritual Enlightenment and Unconditional Love~ Michael Roads

In my life and yours, every wise choice is always taking us ever closer to the conscious, loving, aware and spiritual person we truly are. Some of our stories will be life changing. Join me in a few of my life creations . . . chuckle at my humorous moments, probably identify with my painful ones, feel uplifted by the exhilarating and joyful stories and sigh with the sad ones.

The stumbling, fumbling, early steps along my path to spiritual enlightenment and unconditional Love This is the perfect book for friends and family who are just discovering their spiritual path, or who would like to know more about Michael in a very down-to-earth (literally!) way. This book is a collection of Michael’s stories revealing a path toward higher consciousness. Your stories and his are not so very different, but somewhere along the path of life he realised that, although each of our stories are separate, they are, nevertheless, a connected progression of steps toward our greater potential. He began to comprehend that no act, no thought, no emotion in any person’s life is separate and isolated; it all connects into one cohesive whole. All the many stories become one life story.

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Born in England in 1937, Michael Roads discovered at an early age he had the natural ability to communicate with nature and go beyond linear time and space. He immigrated to Australia in 1963 where he was a beef and dairy farmer, and prominent in the early organic movement. He wrote the first book on organic gardening in Australia, which was an immediate best seller. After becoming spiritually awakened in 1986, Michael wrote about his metaphysical experiences and has since published 14 books, translated into 16 languages. 2012 marks his 21st year of traveling around the world giving profound and hugely popular talks and 5-day Intensives on unconditional Love and emotional balance. He offers clear metaphysical insights and relates his unique, experiential truth in a powerful, no-nonsense format, offering pathways to our deep spiritual connection with Nature, with Self, and with awakening to our Divine potential. – from http://www.michaelroads.com/about-mic…

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The Surrendering of Everything

Published on May 22, 2015

A conversation about surrendering

For access to the full length video click here: http://non-duality.rupertspira.com/wa…

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