A Mystic’s Journal: Fall 2014 by Wayne Wirs (Author)

The ongoing diary of Wayne Wirs: Founder of the nondual teachings of Mystical Oneness, homeless nomad, wandering van dweller, author, photographer, rational mystic, and disenchanted guru.

Disappointed with modern spirituality and the lack of transparency in today’s nondual teachers, Wirs throws in the towel, closes shop on his popular blog, turns inward and—in the spirit of the great mystics Rumi, Meister Eckhart and Lao Tzu—starts an online diary to record his experiences with surrendering of personal will, flowing with Tao, and dancing with the Beloved.

There is no “stage persona” found in these works—Wirs has no hidden agenda and—with death looming—nothing to lose in being completely honest. Rarely will you find a series of books on spiritual enlightenment as raw, authentic and transparent as Wirs’ “A Mystic’s Journal.”

This is the first book in the series and includes all entries from Wirs’ diary from November to December of 2014.

My name is Wayne Wirs, and I’m the photographer and author of the books, “Fading Toward Enlightenment,” “Seeing Clearly,” “A Simple Explanation For Everything,” and “A Mystic’s Journal (series).”

I’m also one of the few people who was blogging before, during and after enlightenment (what I now call “Mystical Oneness”). My blog, MysticsJournal.com, is more like an online personal journal—a diary if you will—than an author or teaching website. Very casual, very personal, very easy to contact me from. Updated multiple times a week—often daily—I fill it with insights into my day-to-day life, thoughts, and photography. Feel free to drop by and check it out.

Though a native of South Florida, I now live the life of a modern-day nomad—residing nowhere while traveling and exploring the United States in a custom outfitted van.

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What Is (and isn’t) Enlightenment

Wayne (Wirs) wanders from town to town teaching the ways of enlightenment to anyone who cares to listen.
His Photo Blog can be found at http://WayneWirs.com

How I Awoke to Enlightenment

How To Find Enlightenment – The Explanation

Explaining my last two blog posts: “How To Find Enlightenment (In One Sentence)” and “How To Find Enlightenment (In One Word)” – http://waynewirs.com

Chris Fields : 1.Entanglement and consciousness 2. Reflections on the universality of consciousness 3. The process of object recognition in the human brain 4.The limitations of rational thought 5.The role of insight in scientific discovery

Published on May 22, 2015

Chris Fields ponders the question whether or not entanglement can teach us something about the nature of consciousness. This video is an excerpt from SAND Anthology Vol. 5:

Dr. Chris Fields is an independent scientist interested in both the physics and the cognitive neuroscience underlying the human perception of objects as spatially and temporally bounded entities. His particular interests include quantum information theory and quantum computing on the one hand, and creative problem solving, early childhood development and autism-spectrum conditions on the other. His recent papers have appeared in the International Journal of Theoretical Physics, Information, International Journal of General Systems, Advances in Cognitive Psychology, Frontiers in Perception Science and Medical Hypotheses among others. He is currently editing a Research Topic titled “How humans recognize objects: Segmentation, categorization and individual identification” for Frontiers in Perception Science.

Dr. Fields began his career as an experimental physicist, obtained his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science (University of Colorado, Boulder, 1985), and was an early developer of automated DNA sequence analysis tools and systems for the Human Genome Project. He has published over 130 refereed papers in nuclear physics, artificial intelligence, molecular biology and cognitive psychology. He holds U.S Patent # 5355435 (1994) for an integrated circuit chip that simulates a mammalian cortical neuron. Dr. Fields was the founding Scientific Director of the National Center for Genome Resources (Santa Fe, NM) and the founding Chief Scientific Officer of Molecular Informatics Inc.

Dr. Fields has also been a volunteer firefighter, a visual artist, and a travel writer. He currently divides his time between Santa Fe, NM and Caunes Minervois, a village in southwestern France.

Reflections on the universality of consciousness, Chris Fields

Chris Fields reflects on the arising of consciousness. This video is an excerpt from SAND Anthology Vol. 5:

The process of object recognition in the human brain

Chris Fields reflects on the process of object recognition and memory. This video is an excerpt from SAND Anthology Vol. 5:

The limitations of rational thought, Chris Fields

Chris Fields reflects on the limitations of rational thought. This video is an excerpt from SAND Anthology Vol. 5:

The role of insight in scientific discovery

Reflections on the reunion of science and spirituality, Dave Pruett

Published on May 22, 2015

Dave Pruett reflects on the reunion of science and spirituality which he views as the third Copernican revolution in science. This video is an excerpt from SAND Anthology Vol. 5:

Dave Pruett, a former NASA researcher, is an award-winning computational scientist and emeritus professor of mathematics at James Madison University (JMU). He is also a contemplative, a student of mysticism, and an admirer of Native American spirituality, particularly in regards to reverence for the Earth. His professional and personal interests merged in late career in two meaningful endeavors: the development of From Black Elk to Black Holes: Shaping a Myth for a New Millennium, an acclaimed honors course at JMU and the recent publication of Reason and Wonder: A Copernican Revolution in Science and Spirit (Praeger, 2012). Twelve years in gestation, Reason and Wonder synthesizes modern scientific insights with ancient wisdom to ‘re-enchant the universe’. ‘A love letter to the cosmos’, Reason and Wonder has received a number of sterling reviews, recently garnering an American Library Association CHOICE Award.

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