Molecular Consciousness: Why the Universe Is Aware of Our Presence by Françoise Tibika (Author)

Mind and matter are connected through information at the atomic level

• Explains how your state of mind is profoundly related to the flow of chemical information during the interactions of your molecules

• Reveals how each atom of the universe is intrinsically linked with all other atoms through their memories and the information they carry

• Explores the concrete manifestations of this “molecular consciousness,” such as intuition and the appearance of life on Earth

The molecules of living organisms are in constant communication, storing and transmitting information both at the intracellular level as well as across vast distances. The mystery of how this communication occurs–whether through molecular structure, chemical reactions, entangled states, or some other method–has baffled biologists, chemists, and quantum physicists for more than a century.

Revealing the intimate connections between mind and matter, Françoise Tibika explains that conscious communication exists all the way down to the very molecules of which we–and the universe–are made. Using the fundamental laws of thermodynamics to support her argument–especially the first law: “energy is neither created nor destroyed”–as well as modern scientific research in quantum physics and molecular biology, Tibika explores how each imperishable atom of the universe is intrinsically linked with all other atoms through their memories and the information they carry. She shows not only how each atom of your being is part of the greater whole of the universe but also how your thoughts, feelings, and state of mind are profoundly related to the activity of each of your molecules. Just as we are undergoing constant transformation by the molecules surrounding us, our own molecules are continuously transforming the network of which we are a part.

Exploring the concrete manifestations of this molecular consciousness, such as intuition, Tibika reveals how, through effecting conscious change at the molecular level, our actions have far-reaching significance in a universe that is not blind to our presence.

Francoise Tibika (PhD. Chemistry) was born in Algiers in 1954 to a Jewish family, that moved from Algiers to Paris in 1956 and to Israel in 1968. In 1970 she left high school to become an autodidact and later she entered the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, studying chemistry. In 1986, after intervals between each degrees, she received a PhD. in chemistry. She met the famed kabbalist and mystic Colette Aboulker-Muscat (1909-2003) in 1987. Colette was using a way of introspection through guided imagery; she also taught the power of imagination and emotions on our inner being. Francoise became her student.
In parallel she started to work as a researcher at the Institute of Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research was about the only solid phase found in human body, the mineral of our skeleton and teeth. Around 2000, Francoise stopped attending Colette’s classes and a few years later she started to write books. Today she continues to do research at the Institute of Chemistry of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on energetic materials. In parallel, Francoise studies Torah and Jewish spiritual heritage with Rabbis Isaac Besancon, Michi Yossefi and David Benezra.

All Francoise’s work consists of an attempt to fill the space between matter and mind and by doing so, bridging the gap between science and spirituality.

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Francoise Tibika ‘Molecular Consciousness’

Francoise Tibika ‘Molecular Consciousness’ Interview by Iain McNay.

The Object of the Dance ~ Ram Dass

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