Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening: Dissolving the Pain of Incest, Abuse, Addiction and Depression by Shellee Rae

Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening takes the reader on a 39-year journey of one woman’s incredible life from a victim of sexual abuse, drugs, alcohol, and depression to the doors of death, into 12-step recovery, many spiritual paths and finally to full embodied awakening to Consciousness in August of 2008 with almost 11 years of sobriety.

Similar to a pebble in a still lake, this book is more like a rock in a pond. Its ripples are great and they will touch the shores of many hearts almost immediately and in a profound way.

Dive in wholly and feel the raw truth and vulnerability of this incredible real-life story. You can’t help but to be inspired and deeply touched. This brave and heart-wrenching adventure will forever change the way you look at suffering and enlightenment.

Shellee Rae, following her heart, relocated from the Boston area in December of 2006 to live in Ashland, Oregon. A Holistic Practitioner since 1999, she shares her open loving heart with clients through Reiki, Massage, and Nutritional and Spiritual Guidance. Shellee has been on the path of Self realization since 1986. Her book, Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening, tells her incredible story.

Look Inside

Shellee Rae – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Published on Jun 8, 2015

Shellee Rae, a Reiki Master for 15+ years, trained to the master level in many other energy modalities, and is certified in numerous body-centered therapies. Her work in this field became full-time in 2000.

Sexually abused as a child, followed by 27 years of drugs, alcohol, and bouts of depression brought her to death’s door in 1997. With the help of 12-step recovery, and many spiritual paths, in August of 2008, Shellee Rae awakened.

Her first book “Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening: Dissolving the Pain of Incest, Abuse, Addiction and Depression”, after going worldwide, opened a portal to support and guide many people in their awakening process. Her second book, “Enlightenment: Tips To Reveal Your Divine Nature”, has become a valuable tool to many who are seeking embodied awakening.

While supporting others, Shellee Rae’s raucous path to awakening allows a non-judgmental, gentle pointing to the truth of who they are from the depths of her own realization. She balances deep compassion with the steady and potent awareness that you are not, in your Essential Self, the sufferer.


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