The Eleven Questions: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Life, Death, and Afterlife by Mark R. Pitstick (Author)

Have you ever stared at the ceiling or the stars and wished for sensible answers to life’s biggest questions? After working with many suffering and dying adults and children, Mark searched for 40 years. His and the guests’ answers can help you enjoy your earth-experience with more peace, clarity, wisdom, and empowerment right now.

The guests:
Raymond Moody, PhD, MD; Caroline Myss, MA; Anita Moorjani, Bernie Siegel, MD; Stan Grof, MD, PhD; Gary Schwartz, PhD; Bill Guggenheim, P.M.H. Atwater, LHD; Marilyn Schlitz, PhD; Karen Wyatt, MD; Mark Anthony, JD

The Questions
1. Who am I?

2. Why am I here?

3. What happens after I die?

4. Is there a God/Higher Power/Source?

5. Why is there suffering?

6. Will I see my departed loved ones again?

7. Are there ghosts and evil spirits?

8. What happens to the soul/life-force of people who commit suicide?

9. How can I best hear my inner self’s voice and know my highest purposes?

10. How can I evolve beyond earlier religious teachings that don’t make sense to me now?

11. How can this information help me deal with my toughest challenges and make the world a better place?

Mark Pitstick, M.A., D.C., has over forty years’ experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers and private practice. His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology/pastoral counseling studies, masters in clinical psychology, and doctorate in chiropractic health care. After working in hospitals with many suffering and dying adults and children, Mark was motivated to find sensible, evidence-based answers to the questions that most people eventually ask: “Who am I? Why am I here? What happens after I die? Will I see my departed loved ones again? Is there a God? If so, why is there so much suffering? How can I identify and fulfill my soul’s missions?” and others.

He was certified in past life regression therapy by Brian Weiss, M.D., and the after-death contact technique by Raymond Moody, M.D. He also provided suicide prevention counseling and education. His book “The Eleven Questions: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Life, Death & Afterlife” includes his and guests’ answers to life’s biggest questions. His guests include Anita Moorjani, Caroline Myss, Stan Grof, Gary Schwartz, and others. Dr. Pitstick wrote “Soul Proof: Compelling Evidence You Are an Infinite Energetic/ Spiritual Being.” He also is the author of “Radiant Wellness: A Holistic Guide for Optimal Body, Mind & Spirit.” His books have been endorsed by Drs. Wayne Dyer, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, Ken Ring, Alan Cohen, and others. A frequent radio and TV guest, Pitstick hosted “Soul-utions” and “Ask the Soul Doctors” radio shows on consciousness topics. Mark also was the executive producer for the Soul Proof documentary film and conducts nationwide workshops on spiritual awareness and optimal wellness.

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Death And Afterlife: Is There Life After Death?

Dr. Pitstick answers commonly asked questions and problems about life, death and the afterlife. His practical answers are based on clinical, scientific, religious/spiritual, and firsthand experience evidence.

The Wondrous Journey, Into the Depth of Our Being ~ Ilie Cioara

The Wondrous Journey is Ilie Cioara’s follow up to The Silence of the Mind. View Here

It is a practical book on meditation and enlightenment, a must read for any spiritual seeker. A less rational and more poetic Eckhart Tolle; Kahlil Gibran meets Krishnamurti. His message is original and unique, as Ilie Cioara has never travelled to India and never belonged to any traditional school. By practising the silence of the mind, through an all-encompassing attention, we discover and fulfill our innermost potential of becoming one with the divine spark that lies dormant within us.

Ilie Cioara was an enlightened mystic who lived in Eastern Europe. His writing describes the experience of meditation and enlightenment, as well as the practice of Self-knowing using all-encompassing Attention. Like Ramana Maharshi, Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle, his is a simple message of discovering our inner divine nature through the silence of the mind.

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Petrica Verdes, Translator of Ilie Cioara’s Works – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Ilie Cioara was an enlightened mystic who did not belong to any lineage or tradition of awakening.

Jerry Katz describes his writings: “This work stands independently of ancient traditions, well known sages, and the current nonduality scene. That is refreshing. Ilie Cioara’s works are among the finest books on nondual consciousness.”

Like Ramana Maharshi, Krishnamurti, and Eckhart Tolle, his is a simple message of discovering our inner divine nature through the silence of the mind. His original writings in 16 books describe the experience of meditation and enlightenment, as well as the practice of “Self-knowing” using all-encompassing Attention.

Born in 1916, Cioara lived his life in almost complete isolation in Eastern Europe, in a communist country, completely oblivious of nonduality, zen etc. Originally a Christian mystic, he practiced a mantra for over 20 years. One day, he felt an intuitive impulse to drop the mantra, and just practice the silence of the mind, by listening to the noises on the street, in the now. After following this practice for a few years, one morning, as he was waking up from his sleep, he suddenly experienced Enlightenment. His description of meditation is fresh and devoid of any tradition and jargon.

Four books by Ilie Cioara have been published in English so far, translated by Petrica Verdes: The Silence of the Mind I Am Boundlessness The Wondrous Journey: Into the Depth of Our Being Life Is Eternal Newness

Petrica Verdes (Deva Daan) is an ordinary person. No ego trip, no need to be somebody, no need to be special, no need to gather diplomas, Ph.D.’s, qualifications, trainings, no need to impress, no need to be famous or influence people. No need to go on a trip of the “ego”. Just happy living an ordinary life, because this life is already extraordinary as it is, an ongoing unfolding miracle.

Sometimes he serves in humbleness as an instrument for Spirit. Not wanting to write anything or teach anyone – sometimes silence speaks through him, not knowing what the next word will be.

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