Psychological Wounds Are Always Self-Inflicted ~ Francis Lucille


Your Real Self Does Not Need To Be Fixed ~ Francis Lucille

Published on Jun 6, 2015

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Be Courageous ~ Rupert Spira

Published on Jun 12, 2015

A conversation addressing the fear of dissolution of the separate self


There Is No App for Happiness: How to Avoid a Near-Life Experience by Max Strom

Technology is exploding exponentially. We are becoming less happy. Max Strom tells you how to get your life, and your happiness, back.

Technology has expanded at such a rate that nearly every aspect of our world has been affected — yet there has been no corresponding expansion of personal happiness. Instead, we find that the wealthiest societies of the world have become depressed, anxious, sleep deprived, and over-medicated.

Max Strom, author of A Life Worth Breathing and global teacher of personal transformation, reveals that we each have internal, human technology capable of empowering our lives and leading us to deeper levels of happiness.

In his new book, There is No App for Happiness, Strom illustrates 3 imperatives to take back control of our lives.

Imperative One: Self-Study

Imperative Two: Live as if your time and your lifespan were the same thing.

Imperative Three: Learn a daily regime that heals and empowers you, and practice it one hour a day.

Learn that joy and fulfillment require us to be active participants, not passive viewers. We should not strive for a virtual life – but a life truly lived. There is No App for Happiness helps us to overcome our negative presets and propels us into a new and more meaningful experience of living.

Teacher, speaker, and author of A Life Worth Breathing, Max Strom is known for inspiring and positively impacting the lives of his students and readers, and he has become a new voice of personal transformation. Due to an ever-increasing demand for his teachings, Mr. Strom travels extensively teaching and lecturing on transformation, spirituality, and yoga. His system guides us to live the daily experience of a meaningful life and includes a philosophy for living, self-inquiry, breath-work, yoga postures, and meditation. His book A Life Worth Breathing is available in five languages.

Max Strom has been the keynote speaker at numerous conferences and forums.
Among his 2011 and 2012 speaking appearances were two TEDx events, and a keynote speech on ethics in business at the Lu Lu Lemon management conference. His articles and interviews have appeared in The Utne Reader, Huffington Post, Whole Living, Happinez, Yoga Journal (USA), Yoga Journal (DE), New York Times, and other online and print media.

Look Inside

There Is No App For Happiness: Max Strom at TEDxKC

Technology has expanded at such a rate that nearly every aspect of our world has been affected — yet there has been no corresponding expansion of personal happiness. We are depressed, anxious, sleep-deprived and overmedicated. This talk explores the innate technology within us — the “apps” of our mind, body and emotional center that contain the inner-knowledge that can empower the most meaningful areas of our lives.

Max Strom teaches personal transformation and yoga worldwide and is known for deeply inspiring and impacting the lives of his students. His methods address the internal, emotional and spiritual aspects of our life and our potential for physical healing. He is the author of “A Life Worth Breathing.”

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