10 Flowers and Plants You Can Grow at Home for Luck and Magic

It’s no secret plants are good for our health, consciousness, and environment. Certain plants in particular are known for giving of and thus attracting good vibes- otherwise known as luck. Based on their specific personalities, various plants magnetize and vibrate in particular ways to bring desired energies to your home or space. Here are my top 10:

1) Bamboo:
Bamboo plants are widely known to be lucky. These lovely little guys attract prosperity, improve health, and are said to aid in developing more flexibility and creativity. They are also excellent for detoxifying the air in any room they are placed. These are popularly recommended in Feng Shui.

2) Basil: Basil is thought to carry energies of passion, love, wealth, and luck. Aside from its bright and positive energies, basil is delicious with a slightly sweet and spicy flavor. Basil can awaken passion in whoever eats it. It has also been called the herb of kings and is revered for its magical properties according to realmagik.com such as, “Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, Protection, Visionary, Fertility, Funeral, Consecration, Immortality and Purification”. It is recommended to put basil in the corners of your home for protection, to wear them as talismans, carry them in your wallet, and other ritual uses.

3) Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle might just be my favorite flower. Not only does it have an intoxicating scent, but its easily harvested nectar is delicious and edible. Honeysuckle can be brought into the home to attract money. Additionally, the flowers can be crushed and placed on or near the third eye to strengthen intuition, as honeysuckle is a plant of intuition.

4) Jasmine: Is a sensual flowering plant known to attract both love and money. Its oil is a known aphrodisiac and therefor it is an excellent presence for those wishing to foster more romance or eroticism

5) Lemon: Lemon plants bring great luck and energies for friendship and purification. They are a bright and cheerful presence and fruit that lemon trees produce is great to have around the house for everything from natural cleaning, to skincare, to foods and fresh drinks.

6) Lavender:
Lavender is famous for its calming and uplifting mood benefits and also aids in restful sleep- especially for those who fight insomnia. In traditional magic lore lavender is believed to attract men and help you see into the spirit realm. It can also be made into lovely smudging sticks

7) Miniature Roses: Roses have been called the highest vibrational living thing. Whether or not that is accurate, they are certainly beautiful, amazing, and magical plants. Roses help with love, attracting luck, protection, and many forms of divination. You can grow miniature roses indoors to start, but they will eventually have to move outside. Galadarling.com describes the specific meanings in different colored roses: “White: Purifying and healing, positive energy. White with red details: Devotion and passion. Peach: Peace, spirituality and friendship. Pink: Romantic love, sweetness, fun and play. Fuchsia: A lust for life, radical self love, deep love and acceptance of your physical body. Lavender:Spirituality. Red: Passionate, deep, true love.”

8) Orchids: Orchids are exotic looking flowers that are surprisingly simple to care for. They are magically beneficial for all types of relationships- romantic and platonic. They were believed by the Greeks to increase fertility and virility.

9) Rosemary: Rosemary, aside from being a delicious culinary herb, is also used for the strengthening of mental functions such as memory and focus. Rosemary can be used for purification and protection rituals as well as to improve aspects such as luck, romance, and prosperity. It is said to improve love, lust, and healing and has also been used for exorcism!

10) Sage: perhaps one of the most famous and widely used magical and sacred herb, sage is commonly wrapped into smudge sticks and the fragrant and medicinal smoke is used for blessing, cleansing, and healing purposes. Sage also represents immortality and wisdom and can be used in teas or foods.

I hope you have found this information useful. Enjoy!

Sources: Concept and List from Galadarling.com

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