Leonard Jacobson – Nonduality Talk

Published on Jun 18, 2015

Leonard Jacobson “teaches that the fully awakened state of consciousness is available now. It is not something that occurs in the future. It is already here, waiting to be revealed. As you awaken into the present moment, your thoughts will stop, your mind will fall silent, and you will awaken to an inner silence and peace that is beyond understanding. You will begin to encounter what the mystics and Masters have been speaking of for centuries.” His website is http://www.leonardjacobson.com

00:00 – 04:55 Opening music by Prosad: http://www.prosadmusic.com. Introduction. When Leonard began teaching and how he travelled around teaching. “I just kept responding to invitations.” Presently in International Falls, Minnesota, on vacation.

04:55 – 06:38 No need to prepare for his talks or for some of my interviews, including this one.

06:38 – 10:47 Leonard’s partner Mary. Have the questions from seekers changed over the years? There’s an opening happening in human consciousness today. Responsiveness of people in China and Japan. Leonard’s teaching activity in China, how it is done, and how it interfaces with Chinese national concerns.

10:47 – 18:29 Leonard’s two part teaching, a two step dance of awakening. The art of presence is step one, and step two is “bringing conscious awareness to all the ways you are pulled out of the moment.” Coming into right relationship with ego so that we can live our lives day to day more fundamentally present. “Both steps are essential for true awakening.” The nature of thoughts as allowing us to escape the present moment which is desire because in the past the present was difficult. “Thinking is the greatest addiction.”

18:29 – 21:11 The essence of awakening and nonduality. What is revealed at the very deepest level of presence. “Oneness is here. Truth is here.” Why seeking doesn’t work. “The worst is those who are seeking nothingness.”

21:11 – 23:07 Leonard is asked what people want from him and what he offers. Value of being present with someone who is awakened and who offers a way. The teaching has to be extremely simplified. “It’s time to awaken.”

23:07 – 25:20 How is the presence of an awakened person different from the presence of a tree? Leonard’s initial awakening spontaneously happened in nature. Being present with compared to presence as a concept. Presence is beyond understanding and this is difficult for people to get. Letting go of the need to understand. Knowing from presence or as presence.

25:20 – 31:11 Leonard’s initial and further awakenings further explored. The nature of awakenings and experiences. Integration of each awakening. I ask Leonard why, if he never pursued awakening, does he caters to people who do pursue awakening. The I Am presence as pure consciousness beyond form and beyond content. Leonard’s experiences of heaven on earth. God as “The silent presence at the very heart of all things present.”

31:11 – 32:58 There’s nothing wrong but we’re almost all lost in unconsciousness. There’s a need for those who could guide the lost into a place of presence where we are not lost. We don’t need anything else, no religion.

32:58 – 37:11 The art of interviewing and how I find it hard to interview some awakened people. “We have to keep finding the right question that draws out what might be of value.” Pizza discussed. Diet. Small talk.

37:11 – 40:09 Relationships. The value of a relationship is companionship. Relationships are extremely difficult. A relationship as a way of speeding up awakening. The relationship is like a mirror. A relationship based in presence is looking for someone to here with you rather than for you. I ask about Leonard’s relationship. “For the most part I don’t have feelings or issues coming up.”

40:09 – 45:30 Being “like” an awakened person. If you’re present a few minutes every day your life will transform. “When you’re present you are love … acceptance … compassion.” The qualities flow through you and transform your life. If you develop negative, limiting impressions and beliefs early in life they determine the experience of the rest of your life and you will attract people and situations that confirm these beliefs. The question, Who are you?

45:30 – 51:23 What I seek in interviews: talking to ordinary people about their passion and who they fundamentally are. Leonard’s response. The nature of the current interview and the interviews I like to do. “You’re a very unique interviewer … and I really get it.” Some people are naturally present.

51:23 – 56:00 How this interview came together. Leonard as a focused guy. Conclusion. Leonard reviews his two step teaching. Closing music by Prosad: http://www.prosadmusic.com.

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