Dr Wayne Dyer -The Awakened Life

Dr. Wayne Dyer tells you how to break from your paralyzing routine and follow your bliss in The Awakened Life.

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Your Essential Self: The Inner Journey to Authenticity & Spiritual Enlightenment By Richard Harvey [updated July 7, 2015]

Awaken to Your Inner World, Where Real Happiness Awaits

Discover the path of self-understanding, growth, and healing. Fulfill your divine potential. Empower yourself to live with authenticity and compassion. Your Essential Self is a comprehensive guide to personal and spiritual unfolding. Join psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Richard Harvey for a hands-on exploration of the three stages of human awakening—the process of self discovery, the transformation into authenticity, and the source of consciousness—to reconnect with who you really are.

Creating permanent positive change and living happily in the present moment are attainable goals. Your inner wisdom can be awakened, but only a unique inner journey will lead you to it. With stories from Harvey’s personal experience, case studies, questionnaires, and exercises designed to guide you toward self-realization, this book provides an integrated, practical method for attaining liberation and realizing your divine nature.

Richard Harvey (Granada, Spain) is a psychotherapist, author, and spiritual teacher with thirty-five years of experience. He is the founder-director of Therapy and Spirituality, a personal and spiritual growth center in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain. He has helped thousands of people find greater peace and fulfillment in their lives through workshops, courses, training, and private therapy practice.

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Richard Harvey – Essential Self

Published on Jan 20, 2014

Jesse interviews Richard Harvey — Richard is a psychotherapist, author and spiritual teacher. He is the founder-director of Therapy and Spirituality, a personal and spiritual growth center situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain.

His background is in Humanistic and Transpersonal psychologies, Taoism and Zen. He is trained in western psychology and eastern meditative methods, psycho-spiritual psychotherapy and bodywork. He is the author of “The Flight of Consciousness” as well as several other books and articles focused on realizing our true selves, his innovative approach to human development, The Three Stages of Awakening is discussed in his latest book “Your Essential Self” which will be published by Llewellyn Worldwide in July 2013.

We will be looking at his work of blending therapy and spirituality to help people release restrictive emotional-behavior patterns, and embrace positive opportunities for growth and change. Learn more about Richard at http://www.therapyandspirituality.com

Website: http://www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

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