Nurit Oren – NondualityTalk

Published on Jul 12, 2015

Nurit Orenlives in Budapest, Hungary where she lives with her Hungarian husband Gabor Harsanyi who lectures all over Hungary and who is Nurit’s spiritual guide.

A more detailed version of her story and revealings from presence will appear soon in her upcoming book, The Blind Leading The Blonde On The Road To Freedom. The webiste for Nurit’s and Gabor’s work which includes the videos, is


00:00 – 02:25 Introduction.

02:25 – 07:25 The thirst for freedom. Being in the Israeli army. Reading Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha. Learning that all knowledge is outside, not inside. Nature of the dualistic mind. Desire to know truth. Moments of truth.

07:25 – 12:25 Value of a teacher in exploring and staying with the moments of presence. The experience of false gurus and experiences with them.

12:25 – 16:14 “The mind does not want true peace but something inside us does.” Some people pursue spiritual experience and adventure rather than truth itself.

16:14 – 18:48 Pursuing both the entertainment aspect of spirituality and the true aspect at the same time. The false guru is detrimental because concepts are taught rather than experience being made available.

18:48 – 24:18 Being grounded in your own being and living from there. Relationship with an unawakened teacher. What does it mean to live “that way?” Speaking and living from presence rather than mind. Allowing yourself to feel the inner presence.

24:18 – 29:10 Nurit talks about Gabor as having the ability to awaken presence and to protect you from your own mind. The mind doesn’t do a good job of “running the show” and tends to resist what Gabor or another teacher like him is awakening.

29:10 – 32:06 Nurit talks about her upcoming book, The Blind Leading The Blonde On The Road To Freedom. Nurit’s initial meetings with Gabor and how she resisted, and what she was drawn to.

32:06 – 34:35 The spiritual ego. Seeing Gabor again after two and one-half years, from a place of non-resistance.

34:35 – 38:10 A peace that is not even an experience. Chasing spiritual experiences.

38:10 – 42:04 Losing the home ground of presence and regaining it. Being with and embodying the body,emotions, thoughts, allowing them to be there.

42:04 – 45:18 Talking about what Nurit liked and found difficult about writing her book. Helping the reader avoid false teachings.

45:18 – 49:07 Gurus are making a lot of money these days. But some of it helps and is real. “If it’s an outer impression that dazzles you it’s not good enough.” It’s simple. You already have it. This life is like a game in which we are given distractions and have to figure out what the home ground is.

49:07 – Brief chat with Gabor Harsanyi.

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