Spiritism and Mental Health: Practices from Spiritist Centers and Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals by Emma Bragdon, PhD.

Practiced in community centers and psychiatric hospitals throughout Brazil, Spiritist therapies are gaining increasing recognition internationally for their ability to complement conventional medicine. This pioneering text is the first comprehensive account of the philosophy, theory, practical applications and wider relevance of Spiritist therapies to be published in the English language.

Leading practitioners and researchers in the field describe the history, principles and diagnostic processes of the Spiritist approach to mental health, and provide an extensive summary of the various methodologies used, including spiritual mediumship, energy work, prayer, homeopathy, past life regression and the practice of integrating spirituality into counselling and psychotherapy. Considering the ways in which Spiritism aligns with contemporary science, they show that the Spiritist model has the potential to bring about a positive transformation in the ways in which mental health care is conceptualized and delivered around the globe. The final part of the book explores how Spiritist centers and psychiatric hospitals are established and financed, with specific examples from Brazil and the USA.

Providing important new insights into the rich tradition of Brazilian Spiritism, this authoritative text will be of interest to mental health professionals, counselors, therapists and alternative and complementary health practitioners.

Now living in Vermont after 30 years in California.

Education: PhD in Transpersonal Psychology
License: Marriage, Family Child Therapist

Interests: We need to redefine madness and understand that some people who appear mad, or unconventional, may be visionaries and capable of taking us to a whole new level of functioning in society. For example: being a medium or psychic doesn’t mean you are crazy. But, if you try to squash that natural ability, and never learn to harness it to help others, then, chances are, you may have some problems related to repression. If you integrate this God-given ability and are fortunate to have excellent supervision and fellowship, you can be of great service to others. Brazilian Spiritists have taught me alot about this!

Deeply involved with metaphysics, energy healing, spiritual healing and meditation since 1964.

When I was a psychotherapist. I used various therapeutic modalities including accupressure and breathwork.

Since 2001 I’ve been exploring spiritual healing in Brazil and experiencing how contemporary Spiritist Centers and Psychiatric Hospitals work. I am currently leading groups for health professionals to visit Brazil and learn more about Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and Centers.

I think Spiritism offers a lot of components that would enhance the way medicine is practiced worldwide…that’s why I’ve written books and produced films about it.

My calling is to contribute to reforming our health care systems in the USA–to inspire others to include more of the components we find in Spiritist Centers in Brazil by addressing the roots of illness, optimizing wellness through spiritual practices and loving community.


Interview with Emma Bragdon

Kirsten DeMelo interviews Emma Bragdon, PhD.
Dr Bragdon is the director of Spiritual Alliances, LLC and of The Foundation for Energy Therapies, Inc. Since 2001, through Spiritual Alliances’ tours, Dr. Bragdon has been an advocate and spiritual counselor for those traveling to Brazil to see John of God. In 2011, she published Spiritism and Mental Health: Practices from Spiritist Centers and Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil.

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