The Power Of Infinite Joy: self-knowledge through Spirituality and Science by Singa Krishnamoorti M.D. (Author)

The purpose of this book is to emphasize that human beings are not of dust alone, but they are a mixture of matter and spirit. The matter is enlivened by the Spirit. The enlivened matter principle known as the mind or the ego is mistaken for the spirit. This misunderstanding leads to confusion as to who we really are. By this mistake, the problems of the ego are attributed to the spirit. The spirit is a non-matter, changeless principle, whereas the matter is subject to constant change. This is very evident in the expression, “I am a human being.” Here the “I am” is the changeless principle, and the human being who plays many roles is the changing principle. A clear understanding of the above two principles and how they can bring immense relief to the suffering mind are elaborately discussed in this book.

The author’s interest in understanding mind dates back to his childhood molding him to be what he is today. In his teens he was blessed to be in the presence of Sri Ramana Maharishi at Arunachala and spent three days with Sri. Sivananda at Rishikesh before leaving India for post graduate work in psychiatry at UK under Professor Hamilton who is famous for depression scale and did two years course for diploma in psychiatry at the University of Leeds. To further his training in psychiatry he did residency at Boston City Hospital with teaching fellowship at Harvard, Mass., USA. In Iowa he did his MS in psychiatry under Paul Huston and Charles Shagass. In Washington in addition to hospital practice in psychiatry he held faculty positions and also private practice as part time. In California he worked for the VA health care system at Palo Alto.

On Spirituality he listened to series of lectures on important topics by Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Dayananda Sarasvati and his disciples. This enabled him to introduce new concepts to the healing of the afflicted mind. The benefits of Spiritual knowledge in addition to the knowledge of phenomenal world can free the suffering mind from various maladies including fear of death etc.

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