Understanding Our Unseen Reality: Solving Quantum Riddles by Ruth E Kastner (Author)

This captivating book presents a new, unified picture of the everyday world around us. It provides rational, scientific support for the idea that there may well be more to our reality than meets the eye…

Accessible and engaging for readers with no prior knowledge of quantum physics, author Ruth Kastner draws on the popular transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics to explain our ‘quantum reality.’ Her book focuses on modern-day examples and deals with big philosophical questions as well as ideas from physics.

If you have any interest in quantum physics, this book is for you — whether you be a physics student or academic, or simply an inquisitive reader who wants to delve deeper into the reality of the world around you.

Dr Ruth Kastner has received two National Science Foundation awards for the study of interpretational issues in quantum theory.

Readership: Undergraduate students and readers interested in quantum physics.

My work is focused on elaborating and extending John G. Cramer’s Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. TIQM solves the measurement problem (“Schrodinger’s Cat Paradox”) and provides a fascinating new picture of reality.
My blog is at transactionalinterpretation.org and I invite comments and questions.


Dr. Ruth Kastner & Deepak Chopra: Understanding Our Unseen Reality

Published on Jul 25, 2015
Available now on http://www.CuriosityStream.com: Deepak Chopra’s Curious Minds is a brand new series of intimate dialogues around the science of our universe ..featuring nobel laureates, academics & thought leaders.

Glow Tv : Quantum meets Physics by Ruth Kastner with Zain Khan on ‘The Query’

Ruth Kastner – Why Physics Does Not Preclude Free Will


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