Did Man Create God?: Is Your Spiritual Brain at Peace With Your Thinking Brain? by David Comings (Author)

Winner of USA Book News Best book for Religion and Finalist for Science. Recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards that honor excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.

Unlike recent popular books that call for the end of faith and religion, this book by Dr. David Comings, an internationally renown physician, human geneticist and neuroscientist, proposes that spirituality is genetically hardwired into a specific part of the brain, is pleasurable, is critical to the evolution and survival of man, and will never go away.

The primary goal of the book is to allow the reader to develop a rational spirituality in which their thinking brain and spiritual brain can live in peace. A basic assumption of most humans is that God created man and divinely influenced the writing of all his sacred books. This book dispassionately explores the possibility that in pre-modern times man created the theory of a personal God to answer questions about the physical world like,

*Where did we come from?
*Where do we go when we die?

in order to satisfy the transcendent yearnings of our spiritual brain. In an era when politicians are judged on the basis of the strength of their belief in God, when schools are urged to teach Intelligent Design, and when religious terrorists threaten the existence of Western civilization it is critical to dispassionately examine the question Did God Create Man or Did Man Create God?

The book examines a wide range of issues including intelligent answers to intelligent design; the relevance of modern cosmology to the existence or non-existence of god; the role of genes in spirituality; the evolution of spirituality; innate morality; the positive and negative aspects of religion; the problem of evil, and many others.

Combined these chapters indicate that humans are inherently happy and good, independent of religion, and that spirituality played a critical role in the evolution and survival of man. A feeling of being associated with something that transcends one s self became an important, rewarding, comforting, and innate part of the human condition. Michael Shermer called this the most detailed and up-to-date science ever generated on the subject of religion and suggested it will be the definitive scientific reference on religion for some time to come.
The world recently learned that Mother Theresa had life-long doubts about her faith. This book is for others who have also questioned any part of their faith but treasure their spirituality and want answers that are not hostile to religion.

Dr. Comings concludes that religious intolerance, wars and terrorism are based on irrational spirituality where there is an incompatibility between the rational and spiritual brain, where individuals believe that one person s God is better than another’s. By contrast a rational spirituality allows individuals of all religions to live in peace. This book is a potentially life changing read for anyone who has ever had doubts about their faith or religion but wanted responses that were sympathetic to their spiritual brain.

Dr. Comings is a physician, neuroscientist, behavioral and molecular geneticist who was the Director of the Department of Medical Genetics at the City of Hope National Medical Center for 37 years before retiring in 2002. He is an internationally known scientist-physician who has written over 450 scientific articles and three books including Tourette Syndrome and Human Behavior His research areas included cytogenetics, human behavioral and molecular genetics, and he ran a large behavioral medicine clinic specializing in Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and oppositional defiant behavior in children. He was past editor of the American Journal of Human Genetics and past president of the American Society of Human Genetics.


Did Man Create God? The Spiritual Brain

Is there a specific part of the brain for feelings of spirituality? Many lines of evidence suggests it is the temporal lobes. Dr. David Comings, a renown human geneticist, neuroscientist and physician proposes that spirituality is genetically hardwired into a specific part of the brain, is pleasurable, is critical to the evolution and survival of man, and will never go away. Understanding the biology of the spiritual brain can help us to develop a rational spirituality where are rational brain and spiritual brain can live in peace.

The Awakening West: Conversations with Today’s New Western Spiritual Leaders by Lynn Marie Lumiere (Author), John Lumiere-Wins (Author)

The days when we in the West looked toward the Eastern religious traditions for enlightenment are coming to an end. Western Spirituality has come into its own, drawing on the rich philosophies of Zen, Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta, Kashmiri Shaivism, Judaism, and Christianity.

In this groundbreaking book, the Western spiritual teachers and seekers at the forefront of this movement explore this phenomenon and share their experience, warmth, and wisdom: Adyashanti Peter Fenner Gangaji Douglas Harding Catherine Ingram Kenny Johnson Francis Lucille Satyam Nadee Mira Pagal Robert Rabbin Byron Katie Rolle Isaac Shapiro Lama Surya Das Christopher Titmus Eckhart Tolle.

In its earlier incarnation as a self-published book, The Awakening West sold out of its first printing of 3000 copies and went into a second printing–all sales through the web site and authors’ events. The book is destined to become a classic, as it establishes Western spiritual thought as a tradition in its own right—a new and growing branch of philosophy and teaching with its own take on enlightenment.

Lynn Marie Lumiere is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist in private practice. An ardent spiritual seeker, she specializes in the integration of non-dual wisdom and psychotherapy. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area. John Lumiere-Wins is a certified hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor with 20 years’ experience in the mental health field and with Eastern and Western spiritual practices.


Lynn Marie Lumiere, Oakland, CA

The more Lynn Marie rests in that which is constant, the more it reveals itself.

John Lumiere-Wins, Oakland, CA

A difficult childhood sends John on a lifelong search for clarity.

Time and Objects are Co-created

Published on Jul 31, 2015

An elaboration about Awareness limiting itself into manifestation.

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