The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life by Lynne Twist (Author), Teresa Barker (Contributor)

“An inspired, utterly fascinating book….A book for everyone who would like to make the world a better place.”—Jane Goodall

This unique and fundamentally liberating book shows us that examining our attitudes toward money—earning it, spending it, and giving it away—can offer surprising insight into our lives, our values, and the essence of prosperity.

Lynne Twist, a global activist and fundraiser, has raised more than $150 million for charitable causes. Through personal stories and practical advice, she demonstrates how we can replace feelings of scarcity, guilt, and burden with experiences of sufficiency, freedom, and purpose. In this Nautilus Award-winning book, Twist shares from her own life, a journey illuminated by remarkable encounters with the richest and poorest, from the famous (Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama) to the anonymous but unforgettable heroes of everyday life.

Lynne Twist is a veteran global activist and fund-raiser living in San Francisco.

Teresa Barker is a journalist, consulting editor, and author. She lives with her family in Portland, Oregon.


Lynne Twist: Soul of Money MicroDocumentary

MicroDocumentary about Lynne Twist on scarcity & sufficiency. There are three toxic myths of scarcity; 1 There’s not enough, 2 More is better, 3 That’s just the way that it is. The radical surprising surprising truth is that “there is enough of everything, everywhere for everyone to have a healthy and productive life”. “We are moving from a you or me understanding of the world, to a you AND me understanding of the world”. In a world were people understood sufficiency we would be thriving, everyone would experience prosperity, not because of accumulation, but because of what they share with each other.

Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life with Lynne Twist

Published on Oct 7, 2014

Deepak Chopra and Lynne Twist shared the stage December 2014 at Spiritual Solutions. Learn more about this event and the current featured speakers here:

For most of us, anxiety and confused feelings about money are an obstacle to true success and fulfillment. A difficult relationship with money can hold us back from achieving our highest potential and realizing our loftiest goals.

During this eye-opening, 45-minute webinar, you will learn how to experience a new sense of freedom and joy with your relationship with money.

If you’ve ever felt that an experience, career, or lifestyle was out of reach, it’s time to step out of those limiting beliefs and create a more loving relationship with yourself, and your bank account.

Lynne Twist: The Soul of Money

Speaking to an audience of GSB alumnae at its 2012 Women’s Initiative Network conference, author of “The Soul of Money” Lynne Twist discusses her experiences working with women of great wealth as well as women living in abject poverty all over the world, challenging the audience to consider the power of living a life of meaning as well as one filled with success and accomplishment.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Keys to Real Self-Knowledge

Published on Aug 3, 2015

Guy Finley explains how self-awareness allows you to directly experience what is currently interfering with your ability to be in relationship with what is good, true, and beautiful. The more this real self-knowledge is brought into your relationships, the more you grow into a new mind and begin to realize the timeless, immortal life within you.

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